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TwinLid Stainless Sensor Can

(17 customer reviews)

Product Information
Capacity 10.6 Gallons
Color Silver
Opening Mechanism Motion-Sensor
Material Stainless Steel
Room Type Kitchen,Living Room,Office
Special Feature Sensor, Automatic
Shape Rectangular
Finish Type Brushed




  • NOTICE FOR CUSTOMERS – This product is a smart trash can. Consumers need to purchase 6 AAA batteries (not included) to install and use it by themselves. At the same time, you need to first tie the drawstring of the garbage bag in the two sides of the snap fastener, and then turn the garbage bag over the blue fixed soft rubber. If you encounter any problems during use, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We will definitely give you a satisfactory answer.
  • Dimensions – 9.5”L×12.5”W×26”H. 10.6 Gallon Capacity. The large capacity, narrow design will be a great addition to your living room and kitchen.
  • Motion sensor – Consumers need to purchase 6 AAA batteries and turn on the power switch to start a smart life.
  • Multi-functional lid opening – Our product supports two modes of opening the lid, manual and automatic separately.
  • Noise avoidance – Silent and smooth close lid, reducing the noise generated during use.
  • Sophisticated appearance – Fingerprint-proof, brushed stainless steel coating. High strength CABS lid frame.
  • CUSTOM FIT GARBAGE BAGS – Our code D trash bags are designed to fit perfectly in this trash can so they don’t slip and are completely hidden. The extra thick plastic and double stitched construction prevents tears and breakage.

8-16 gal eco bags – 8 rolls/80 bags
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  • Tommy

    Fancy trashcan
  • AN

    Nice trash can, the manual says it runs on three AA batteries, it actually runs on six aaa. They did however include a roll of trash bags. Works well, no need to touch the trash lid = clean hands


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    17 reviews for TwinLid Stainless Sensor Can

    1. Reyetr

      I have been looking for a trash bin that opens automatically & I found this one! It is the perfect fit for my kitchen. Will highly recommend it.

    2. C. SanchezC. Sanchez

      Aloha everyone, very nice upgrade in my kitchen. It’s these small updates that make a difference in a happy kitchen. This will be handy when preparing all the holiday meals, and for just everyday use. They have different types of motion sensing waste cans on their website. I guess that’s all this company makes, lots to choose from. I like this one is just the right size for my kitchen and I have trash bags that will fit this already, It does come with a starter pack of trash bags. The stainless steel goes with all the other appliances I have. I like how the bag is kept on the ring in front and back. No more droopy bags falling back inside the can. The bags drawstrings are put through a fastener to hold it. Then when the bag is full just pull the bag shut. Very good design in this trash can, good quality build, This is a very well thought out design. The sensor so far has been working great, I did have to spray some vegetable oil on the plastic hinges to get it to close all the way. I don’t know what to do with the old trash can, maybe it’ll become a clothes basket after I clean it. Well I still have to get used to this motion sensor trashcan, as I’ve only had a trashcan without a lid, all these years. But, change is good and I’m happy this makes life easier and less messy. Ok, hoping this helps. Sincerely, Charlie

    3. Frank MiniaciFrank Miniaci

      My wife is very picky about trashcans. She does not like the ones where you step on something for it to open and let’s face it, the ones that spin are always dirty. This beautiful stainless steel automated trashcan can be motorized for automatic disposal as well as open for continued use while cooking or chopping. The item came professionally packaged and exceeded our expectations. It takes 6 AA batteries (not included) to make it automated. Bags are provided and easily installed. You can use any 13 gallon bags btw when you run out. You can simply pass your hand over the can and it opens and is timed long enough to dispose of your garbage. However, touch the button and let it remain open for continual use. It keeps the kitchen sanitary and looks fantastic next to our stainless appliances. This can is not a luxury. I recommend you look at this as your final solution to all your disposal needs. We love it!

    4. K Spence

      This item is great! I wonder why I didn’t own it sooner! Arrived w/o any dents, packaged super well. It’s quiet and operates smoothly, I love it. I highly recommend.

    5. MGordon

      I ordered this for my laundry room. This is a very good-looking garbage can! You need 6 AAA batteries and secure the bag then your off to the races. It is quite easy to set up. it appears to work well and is definitely more sanitary as it opens automatically. I really like this and recommend it.

    6. GT2017

      Overall, awesome!Pros.Batteries last about 2 months with a lot of usage.10 quart size makes it so much sleeker and less noticeable than the full size 13Q cans. Accepts a standard 13Q kitchen bag.Quiet and smooth operation.Cons.It does take some trial and error to get the bags in so they don’t show on the outside, didn’t think their directions were much help, but that might be just me.It can be a bit difficult to get the garbage bag out sometimes, but I think the major cause is filling up a 13 quart bag in a 10 Q container. If I don’t overfill it, then really no problem.

    7. Zaboo

      Basically I really like this 10.6 gallon garbage can. I like the fact that when it opens, it stays open for a bit. Also it is very quiet and is working very well. On the instructions, the placement of the batteries was confusing. I figured it out though. I like the way that the garbage bag is held open. The shape of the can is slender and can fit in tight spaces. The only con with this is getting the garbage bag out of the can. The sides have plastic holders for the bag but those holders reduce the space to get the bag out. Particularly with the bags that came with the garbage can, the bag can tear when taking it out. You cannot overfill the bag. I keep some of the garbage on my counter and once the bag is out of the can I then can add more garbage. My previous garbage can was 13 gallon, so I do have to take the garbage out more often. I wish a 13 gallon can was available.

    8. Shena C.

      Love the fact you don’t have to touch the lid

    9. TommyTommy

      I am happy with this Kitchen Trash Can – ELPHECO. The main reason I cannot give it 5 stars is how difficult it is to put the trash bag liner in. I have just resorted to pulling the bags over the sides then placing the lid on top because it was too frustrating for me. There is a moderate level sound when the top opens or closes, but it doesn’t bother me. Batteries are NOT included. The hands free opening works well. The lid stays open for a good amount of time before auto closing. It is a tall can that is about the same height as another trash can that we got from a local big box discount retailer. However, it is more narrow and deeper than the other can we have. The stainless steel finish looks shiny and sleek. I recommend this Kitchen Trash Can – ELPHECO.

    10. Harold McFarland

      This trash can is very quiet when it opens and closes and opens pretty quickly once it is triggered. Just place your hand over the front and it opens up. About 15 seconds later it closes by itself. That extra several seconds is great if you need to dispose of several items. The 40 liter garbage bags from the big box store fits it just fine.It was easy to put together and the instructions for use were clear and understandable. While I cannot toss stuff in the can from across the room anymore, that is a small price to pay for a nice can that looks more upscale than a typical plastic one.

    11. Rgas49

      Love that it fits perfectly underneath my kitchen counter. So far it’s been a great product.

    12. Amazon Customer

      I had the hardest time finding a slim trash can until I found this one! The fact that it’s also automatic makes it even better. The design is nice and aesthetic and perfect for small spaces

    13. pwhuk

      We needed a motion sensor trash can in an area where people walk past frequently. Having tried two other option, the ELPHECO is perfect. The sensor is not overly sensitive, the opening mechanism is quiet and smooth, and it’s a great size for a family kitchen. The can may have been redesigned somewhat from earlier reviews as (1) adding and removing a trash bag is easy (very nicely designed holder that keeps the bag invisible) and (2). it for sure only requires three AA batteries. Love it!

    14. Roxanne

      This is an update from my first review. The seller reached out to me and offered to send me a new replacement top for my trash can. They mailed it to me, and I tried it out and it works (opens and closes automatically) great! Many thanks to the seller for being proactive and reaching out. Excellent customer service. VERY Happy.This trash can has a nice appearance and is quiet BUT it only worked for a day. I put brand new batteries in when it was initially delivered and it worked. Then after a day it stopped working. I even put in more new batteries and it still doesn’t work. VERY disappointed.

    15. Chad Massaro

      Comes with bags but I used my own. (They weren’t the greatest quality). I love the automated lid and works great so far. Nice sleek design, so it’s not an eyesore.

    16. Stan N.

      This can would be acceptable in a library, it’s so quiet. For us, it’s been more convenient to have a split top opening, with the lids retracting into the can, as opposed to a flip top, which requires more top clearance. I use it a lot and the batteries have lasted, but I’m not sure if that’s good batteries or an efficient motor with less weight to move. The bag holder is nicely designed, nasty trash can have the drawstrings pulled and closed, before removing the top. We both really enjoy it. – Didn’t think I would ever say that about a trash can, but it’s true.

    17. LT

      Exactly what I needed. A small profile waste bin for my utility area. Nicely made and good quality.

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