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8 reviews for PureSense-F Sensor Can Set

  1. Earl

    This trash can is perfect for small spaces, offices, bathrooms and bedrooms.Does require batteriesMade of good qualityEasy use lid

  2. Mike

    I really like the size of this trash can because it fits perfectly between my sink and toilet. It takes two double-A batteries, which are not included and are to be inserted beneath the top cover. While the lid opens, there’s a green indicator light that’s green. and closing the indicator light is red; once complete, the light turns off, saving the batteries.The actuator for the lid is relatively silent. When inserting the provided garbage bag, pull it through the hole to tighten it so that less of the bag is visible on the exterior of the unit.A good design feature is the beveled corner, which clearly indicates which side the lid should be placed back on after inserting or replacing the garbage bag.I do recommend this trash can is able to hold a good amount of bathroom waste while concealing the contents.

  3. Jesica

    It’s weird but I like this trash can a lot. It is slim and sleek looking and I think it’s perfect. My 3 year old got super excited about it too – which is odd.It takes 2 AA batteries to get it to work. The motion sensor is extremely reactive and very quiet. The trash can does come with a good amount of trash bags too which is really an added bonus. I did previously have a different motion sensor trash can in the past and I have to say I like this one a lot better. It seems like the quality is really high.Added bonus (I didn’t even realize until my mom mentioned it) This trash can is a must have if you have pets – my sister’s dog is constantly digging through her trashcan to find food scraps! This can would eliminate that issue 100%. I do have a few cats and one is in the habit of “if I fits I sits” – this can eliminates his habit entirely!!!10 out of 10 I highly recommend.

  4. ChiliPepperGurl [SWResearch – anthro chiq]

    At first I thought: why have an automatic garbage can, but after I set this up, I love the look and I love that trash in the basket gets hidden within a few seconds. Furthermore, the motion sensor is an excellent feature: why handle the trash bin and spread more germs when having a sensor lid open and close is much more germ contained and efficient. With germs flying around in the winter (or any time really) this is much nicer looking, a more pleasant, cleaner look. Why should any one see nasty used kleenex in the room (or bathroom)??!!Excellent addition to my house, I really like that used kleenex is kept contained and not fluttering about the room in an open trash bucket, as well as it just looks nicer !!!For a clean look, this is an excellent addition. I am very glad that I ordered this; highly recommend this sensor trash can. It fits nicely under the counter in the bathroom, under my desk, or nice at the side of desk in office.

  5. Eric

     Perfect bathroom trashcan. Setup was simple, just installing 2 AA batteries. There’s no controls or buttons, so if the batteries are in, the can will open. There’s no way to turn off the sensor, but that’s okay with me as I don’t think I would use that feature very often.The open and close motor is relatively quiet, so it won’t make too many weird noises if you activate it in the middle of the night. The motion is just fast enough and keeps the lid open for 5 seconds, just long enough and closes quietly. There’s a couple small soft tabs that keep the lid from ‘tapping’ shut — a nice detail.The can does not come with batteries, but it does come with a roll of bags — which I wasn’t expecting. I’m using rechargeable AA batteries, so I’m not sure the longevity with traditional alkalines, but they should last a bit. The included bags seemed to be a bit big for this size can, and I wasn’t able to set it inside the can easily without is overlapping outside of the lid, but again — it’s a trash can.The sensor is just sensitive enough. It doesn’t pop open immediately when something passes over it, which is good. It takes about 1 second to register and open. That’s good, because I don’t want it opening every time someone walks by, etc.Overall happy with this little can and it works well. Great value for the price — I’ve seen much more expensive motion sensor cans that aren’t as simple and nice as this one.

  6. Amazon Customer

    This is a nice, smaller size automatic opening trash can. It comes securely boxed and I love that it has the ring to hold the trash bags in place (and that it came with a bonus roll of trash bags!). I will say the first trash can I got didn’t work but the second one worked from the start. My issue is that this trash can has no power button. Once the batteries are in, it is on all the time. It is the first time I have encountered a trash can like this that doesn’t have an on/off switch.

  7. Shikster

    A few months earlier, we replaced an older motion-sensing trash can in our main bathroom with one that you push to open and no one in our family liked it. So, when I saw this, I thought it would be the perfect replacement. I was right.The trash can itself is true to size and fits well in the space between out toilet and our vanity. It’s quite handsome to look at and made of good quality plastic that’s not flimsy at all. Additionally, the top lid goes in deep over the basket itself. As a result, it makes placing and replacing the plastic trash bags (which it comes with) inside fairly easy.But none of that would matter if the motion sensor didn’t work well. Thankfully, it does. The sensor can sense things up to about 8 inches above it (similar to the last one we had). Whether I was using my hand or one of my feet, it detected and opened every time without fail. It auto closes after about 2-3 seconds. Also, the open/close motion is pretty fast and occurs with authority. Don’t know how long the batteries will last, but for now I’m very happy with this little auto-opening trash can. For the price, I think you’ll be too.

  8. beth

    Smaller than I expected but it works great! AA batteries and it’s ready to go!

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