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Product Information
Capacity 2.5 Gallons
Color White
Opening Mechanism Motion-Sensor
Material ABS
Special Feature Sensor
Product Dimensions 10.2″L x 6.4″W x 13″H
  • Smart Sensor – This automatic trash can uses advanced automatic infrared sensing technology, when your hand is placed above the sensing area, the garbage can opens automatically and the lid closes automatically after 5s. Customers need to install 2 AA batteries as well as follow the steps to put on the garbage bag to ensure the bin works properly.
  • Slim Design for Narrow Space- This 2.5-gallon sensor trash bin features a space-saving, unique slim barrel design that is both minimalist and aesthetically pleasing, and fits anywhere space is limited. (10.2L x 5.9W x 12.2H inch)
  • Upgraded Trash Bag Fixed Ring – The upgraded garbage bag retaining ring is placed directly on the mouth of the bucket instead of inside the bucket, no longer slipping off inside the bucket, which can effectively hold the garbage bag and hide it perfectly.
  • IPX5 Waterproof – This smart trash can features advanced ipx5 waterproof technology, so even when placed in a wet environment, such as a bathroom, the electronics won’t get damaged and affect the normal operation of the trash can.
  • Stay Open Mode – This slim garbage bin has a user-friendly stay-open mode, just press the button on the right side of the sensor area to keep it open for a long time, making it easy to throw away more than a handful of garbage.

bathroom trash can
auto trash can
slim trash can with lid
sensor trash can
Narrow Trash Can


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All our shipments are insured. If something happens to the products in transit, the logistics company and Elpheco Shop will process a reclamation in a normal manner.

8 reviews for PureSense-Y Sensor Can

  1. Emily

    The sensor on the trash can works perfectly and a must have for any bathroom. It requires 2 AA batteries to operate and they are easy to install under the lid. It came with some trash bags which was a pleasant surprise. I haven’t had any issues without it recognizing me waving my hand or it closing on its own.We don’t have a lot of room between the toilet and counter but it fits perfectly in the area. The only thing that I would like to see improvement on is a wider opening, it seems like it could have been made a little bigger.Overall, you won’t find a better sensor trashcan at this price point.

  2. Laura A. O.

    This is the first trash can that is motion sensored that I’ve owned. It’s nice!I have 2 spots for it – main bathroom and laundry room lint containment. It’s doing lint containment currently and it’s nice to not walk in the house and the first thing you see is a small garbage can filled with lint!! We’ll just eventually get a second one.We have 4gal bags around here for other cans, and they worked perfect! It came with 2.5gal bags, see photo, and nice to add, but it’s good to know we can just use 4gal since we always have that size. They aren’t even very large sized in there!?!I do like the little open hole at one end to shove in extra bag to ensure a bag free look. It works pretty well, even with 4gal bags.You do have to get in range for it to open, but any farther range, the thing would be opening all the time!NOTE – It’s very lightweight, maybe a little too much so. Do I think it’ll last forever, no. For the price, it might be fair. And maybe it’ll surprise me!

  3. ARCHR

    I’ve always wanted a motion control garbage can and plan on getting larger versions now that I’m familiar with how dang convenient they are! I use mine for little scraps of paper and food waste in the living room near the coffee table, but I also had it in my bedroom for some time.I’m planning on picking up a second one for use near my cat’s litter box since it has the option to stay open for a longer period of time. I love that I can open it for a short- or long-term duration!I’m not sure how great it will be at trapping smells like cat waste, but I’ll be sure to update my review if I get around to migrating it to the litter box.Bonus: It came with extra liners to tide me over until I get to the store for more of that particular size. Win-win-win all around!

  4. Amazon customer

    I have a septic tank and made the decision to stop flushing toilet paper. Mainly, I was sick of using that garbage that decinegrates in your hand as you try to wipe. This way, I can use the nicer, plush paper I like without worrying about the complications in the septic. It has also allowed me to go much longer between pumpings. This practice led me to searching for a covered trash can for my bathroom. I had one with a pedal or manual lift, but that was a pain, and I ended up leaving the lid open. This automatic opening trash can is amazing. It hides the contents in the can without any hassle. The small size allows it to fit in the narrow space between the wall and toilet. I appreciate the option of keeping it open when needed. It works great and reliably. The sensor has just the right sensitivity, and it doesn’t open till I want it to. You can also open it by hand, and it will stay open. This will be important when the batteries die! The battery compartment has a rubber, waterproof cover, and this comes with a small roll of bags. I will be able to use some of the larger plastic grocery bags, also. As much as I like this product, there is always room for improvement. A rechargeable battery is always preferrable, and a spot for a charcoal odor absorption pad would have been nice. I used some adhesive to place my charcoal. I still recommend this trash can since it works well and is a good value.

  5. Erin

    This is a great option for people who use wipes. We don’t flush ours since they clog up the septic tanks. Instead we used to throw ours in a diaper genie but that’s not very easy when you have to use your foot to open it. And we wanted to make sure we got something with a lid to keep smells at bay. This is an awesome solution so that the lid keeps odors trapped inside and we now don’t have to touch anything since the lid opens itself. It works everytime too. The sensor sensitivity is just right so it opens when you want it to but not when you don’t. I like that it also has a manual open close touch button as well but I haven’t needed it yet. It also comes with trash bags to get you started which is nice. My one complaint and it’s not really a complaint but more of a wish. I would love to have one slightly bigger so that I didn’t have to change it quite as often. Other than that this automatic trash can has made life simpler so I would definitely recommend.

  6. Lindsay

    Use this in the bathroom, I lined it and use it as a kitty litter trash can. It is so nice that it opens and closes automatically so I don’t have to worry about touching it to use it. I use it throughout the day to clean the litter box and put in a fresh bag every evening before bed. It is so nice to have the smell contained throughout the day and having it feel more sanitary by not having to touch anything or step on anything to get the trash can to open and close. I would think this would be a really useful trash bin in an office, bathroom, or anywhere else small amounts of trash need to be collected. I think it would also work as a scraps for composting bin, so long as it was cleaned out daily into a larger composting container, I would imagine it would be perfect for the countertop. Keeping the smells contained as well as any little gnats out! Really great bin, have had to change the batteries once and have been using it daily for about a week, would recommend rechargeable batteries to keep cost and waste down.

  7. Sue A. Waltemath

    Lid works as described

  8. Amazon Customer

    Buen producto!

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