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Stainless Steel Step Can

(36 customer reviews)

Material: Stainless Steel

Capacity: 52.8 Quarts (13.2 Gallons)

Color: White

Shape: Rectangular

Opening Mechanism: Step-On

Recommended Uses: Kitchen, Office

Room Type: Kitchen, Office

Special Features: Compartment, Quiet Close, Pedal

Finish Type: Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 16″L x 11″W x 25.5″H


Notice for Customers: This is a foot-operated trash can with a removable inner bucket. The ergonomic pedal allows for hands-free operation. The blue button in the upper right corner of the lid switches the bin’s status, allowing it to stay open or close automatically. For any issues, our customer support is always available.

Stay-Open Mode: Press the blue button on the top right after stepping on the pedal to keep the lid open. Press the button again to close the lid smoothly.

Noise Avoidance: The lid closes silently and smoothly, reducing noise during use.

Large Capacity: Dimensions: 16″L x 11″W x 25.5″H, with a 13.2-gallon capacity. Ideal for daily use, it helps keep your kitchen or office clean and tidy.

Durable Materials: Made from high-quality stainless steel with a high-strength CABS lid frame. The metal pedal is durable and requires minimal force to open. The stainless steel is fingerprint-proof.

Special Design: Features an activated carbon filter to purify unpleasant odors, keeping your room fresh. Non-slip rubber pads increase stability. Holes in the inner bucket hold the garbage bag firmly in place.

Product Upgrade: Based on customer feedback, we have upgraded the product for improved performance. For any issues, contact us for a satisfactory resolution.

Custom Fit Bags: Designed for ELPHECO’s code D trash bags, ensuring a perfect fit that prevents slips and tears with extra thick, double-stitched construction.

  • Sean McGill

    Looks great and easy to clean. The basket lifer out easily with metal handles. The lid operates smoothly and effortlessly. It even has side handle to lift and move the whole can. Trust you found this review honest and helpful 🙂
  • Erin F

    This is a very nice bin, it is well made and has a soft close lid
  • C- Monte

    Very nice quality!
  • VJS

    This the BEST trash can I’ve ever had — super quiet, large, and an anti-slip bottom!


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    36 reviews for Stainless Steel Step Can

    1. MHMH

      Very classy looking. I read a review where someone received 4 carbon filters. Mine came with 1. That’s disappointing. But thank God they use thick packing material. Looks like Amazon stabbed the box with their forklift. All 4 sides of the box are shredded.

    2. Candy De Alba

      Este bote de basura está hecho con excelente material de acero inoxidable, se ve muy resistente, tiene algo de peso y parece que va hacer duradero, es de buen tamaño entre mediano y grandeMe gusta mucho que no se marcan los dedos en el acero inoxidable, es muy fácil de limpiarTambién es muy fácil de cambiar la bolsa de basuraTiene agarraderas en los lados para levantarlo fácilmente, también tiene abajo como unas pequeñas patitas de plástico para moverlo y no arruinar el piso ( especialmente si es de madera ) , viene con un paquete de bolsas de basura, pero cualquier bolsa de basura que sea para 13 galones le queda perfecta, también viene con 3 filtros de carbón para eliminar oloresEs moderno, muy chic, diseñado con líneas simples y elegantesTrabaja muy bien el mecanismo de abrir, solo se pisa la palanca y se levanta la tapa y después se va cerrando poco a pocoMi bote de basura me llego en excelentes condiciones, no golpes, ni raspones

    3. SamanthaSamantha

      Good looking bin, even though it was well packaged the item itself was damaged with 2 large dints on the right hand side…. which is disappointing for the price of it.

    4. Heather Allen

      The soft close is very nice.

    5. JustMyOpinionJustMyOpinion

      I was so excited to get this to replace my older, beat up trash can in my kitchen. As soon as it arrived I took it out and was sad to see that there was a dent in the side of the can (I see someone else had the same issue). Contacted their CS with a photo and they immediately replaced it so now I have a nice, shiny new trash can that is flat backed (my old one was round) so it goes right against my island, and I LOVE the removable plastic liner bucket…nothing worse than finding that the bag sprung a leak and made a mess in the can. With this you can take the liner bucket out and hose it off and put it back without having to climb into the can to clean it!LOVE the whisper, easy close lid (my old one just slammed shut) that you can ALSO open by hand. Also appreciate the charcoal filters (they include 3). The ONLY thing I don’t like is the sticker that they put on the can to show you how to lock the lid open. Seriously? Just put it on a postcard or something! I can’t get the glue off so now I have an ugly square to try to remove on one side. I would dock a star for that but the CS was so great I kept this at 5 stars.Would definitely purchase again.

    6. AnjelikaAnjelika

      Love this trash can! It’s sleek, stainless and easy to clean! Has a foot pedal to open/close the trash can easily if you’re hands are full. Lovely.

    7. FXFX

      Swapped our motion-activated trash can to this one due to our kids and it’s almost as nice as our old one. The overall look is very sleek-looking. Came well-packaged although we did have a dent on one of the edges. The top of the trash-can has a plastic protection cover. Compared to our old trash can this one was a bit smaller in regards to size. The height were about the same but the width was skinner. I liked that you could remove the brand name plastic tag as it looks tacky with it on. The foot step is a good size making it easy to step on and opens easily and has a slow close to it. It comes with charcoal filters and a filter slot to contain the trash smell and so far it’s doing a pretty good job. The trash can has a little blue switch that you can push to prevent the lid from closing. They should of made it black or metallic as it looks ugly and pone to getting dirty since it’s on the trash opening. The trash bin has two hooks which helps you pull the bin from trash can to empty the bin but it can tear your trash bag if you’re using cheap bags which are what is included. They trash bags are very thin and tear easily. They did hold up well to our trash but when pulling out of the bin and tying them, they tear so easily. Be careful when using them or just keep them for other use. The bin also has a hole at the top where you can pull the trash bag in to better secure the bag to the bin before placing inside the trash can. Overall, nice trash can. But for the price I think you can find better ones.

    8. Tumbleweed

      Finger holds on the inner liner makes it easy to lift out.

    9. Adam ConradAdam Conrad

      This is one of the nicest looking trash cans I’ve ever seen. It’s stainless, but also just the shape, and the size of the pedal make it stand out amongst others.The soft close lid is a surprise at first because I’m so used to pedal bins that slap when they shut. That gradual drop is almost satisfying.I really like the switch on the side of the can to keep the lid up. Whenever I’m peeling or dumping a handful of things in, I can just flip the switch and I don’t have to keep my foot on the pedal.It’s so nice having a modern trash can that doesn’t take batteries. These old school pedal style cans were, and still are the best.Overall a great trash can.Highly recommended.

    10. Jeanne Bessler

      Soft close large can. Heavy-duty quality

    11. LifeisbeautifulLifeisbeautiful

      The size is not too big or small is a medium size but looks slim and great for tight spaces or small kitchens. The lid does have a soft opening and the petal feel soft when pushing it. The trash bag seems to stay in place without folding inside. Overall looks very nice and is functional. But is pricey.

    12. C-Monte

      This can works out absolutely perfect for my laundry room! From dryer lint and fabric sheets, to pocket lint and wrappers, my family of 5 always ends up with a lot of stuff needing a trash can when it’s laundry day and this can is just the right fit! Large, out of the way, and easy to keep clean! Definitely a great find for our space! Solidly built too! – Doesn’t shake or rattle at all and the lid lifts easily with the foot step! Overall pleased with the can and would definitely get this one again! 10/10!

    13. Rodrick

      This stainless steel trash can is of great quality materials and is easy to use, with a simple step on the foot activated lever, the lid quickly opens. I like that it has a soft close lid, so when you release the pedal it slowly comes to a close without slamming down. It’s a great size and works well in my kitchen without taking up too much space, but also having a good capacity. It has an inner plastic trash can that can be easily removed for easy cleaning. Great looking trash can design.

    14. Faith ReviewsFaith Reviews

      This stainless steel garbage can is made really well and looks great! It has a removable plastic insert can that the garbage bag goes into – this is good for food that can potentially leak. It came with a small roll of bags and three filters which was a plus. My Kirkland garbage bags also fit great. There is a tab if you need to keep it open without using your foot (see attached picture). In terms of value, even though I think it is an awesome garbage can it is a tad overpriced. Maybe if it was motion censored it could be justified. Lastly, keep in mind that you have to clean stainless steal often as it will get dirty. Overall, a great product! I hope this was helpful!

    15. Sandman67

      The garbage can is well made and looks great. It holds quite a bit more than our older can. It is easy to use and keep clean as the insert comes out smoothly. I also really like the odor control compartment on the lid to help absorb any bad smells. Mine arrived with the “stay open” feature not working and the company responded to my inquiry immediately, answered subsequent messages the same day and offered me several different resolutions to ensure I was happy. Customer service is a major part of a purchase for me, and this trash can is not cheap, so it felt good knowing the company stands behind its products, values its customers and will do what it takes to correct any issues.

    16. Sean McGill

      Looks great and easy to clean. The basket lifer out easily with metal handles. The lid operates smoothly and effortlessly. It even has side handle to lift and move the whole can.Trust you found this review honest and helpful:-)

    17. Skylark

      Perfect size – neat, clean, modern look. The side handles are great to have, a nice selling point for me. Foot pedal is strong, lifts lid fully and quickly with appropriately slower closing. Exactly what I wanted for my newly remodeled kitchen. Had questions for the company and they responded immediately and graciously – highly recommended this very well made kitchen trash container

    18. Brenda

      I guess you can call a garbage can pretty. Very nice looking can. It operates well. I have not tried the piece to lock the lid open, I don’t feel I need that. The only reason I gave it four stars is because it’s not as big as I wish it was the height is fine, the width is fine, but for the depth from the wall out is a little on the narrow side. I don’t feel like it gives me enough volume of trash before I have to take the bag out, I wish I could get more in it.

    19. KadyKady

      This came very well packaged. It is a stylish and sleek kitchen bin / trash can. It has a soft closing and what looks like a filter. I like that there is an inside component to take out and wash easily. It even comes with bin bags / trash bags. It’s brushed silver appearance. I’m very happy with this stylish addition to our kitchen. It’s also not too big. About 3/4 or the size of a dishwasher.

    20. SkimpySoysauce

      As far as trash cans go, this one’s pretty fancy. Our previous trash can had a stainless steel inside lid which rusted inside, making it look truly trashy. We decided to purchase this one because it looked nice and the inner lid part was plastic, which should make it easy to wipe down and won’t get nasty and rusted.It’s definitely more than we wanted to spend on a trash can, but hopefully it will last for many years.

    21. rio conure

      This is a really pretty and easy to use trashcan. I love that it looks clean all the time and seems to be fingerprint resistant. Its easy to open by stepping on the lever and it has a lock button to keep the lid open if you need. It came fully assembled and ready to use. My only complaint is that although the description says its 13 gallons, all the 13 gallon bags i have tried are too big which means i have to tie the excess of the bag so that it doesnt slip off the bin.

    22. Jspec1

      Got this as a replacement for a broken electronic door (battery operated/motion) SS trash can for the kitchen. I was looking for a simplehuman brand one, but they are too expensive. This unit features 430 Stainless Steel construction, foot actuated door, soft/slow close lip, a removeable bucket, and a carbon filter insert in the lid. Overall the unit looks and functions well. Materials and construction seem good, and I look forward to a long service life from this unit. Not the most affordable SS can, but given the current economy it seems to be the norm with prices.

    23. Rose

      After a long tedious search for the perfect trash can for me…..I FOUND IT!!!ELPHECO Kitchen Trash Can 13.2 Gallon Stainless Steel Garbage Bin with Soft Slow LidIt was eveything and more that was advertised!!! I love everything about this beauty!! It was more than I budgeted for….but I’m so happy I took a chance!I am so happy I don’t have to deal with plugging in or batteries!!!I highly recommend this trash can!

    24. Charlotte D. Carter

      Filter on lid for scent to keep Oder done.

    25. Lindsay g.

      Really well made trash can and serves the dual purpose of trash and recycling.

    26. DSPGuy

      I never thought I’d go out of my way to write about a wastebasket. But I’m so favorably impressed with this one that I decided to take the time. In brief, there’s simply nothing to complain about here. So many times I wonder if anyone has ever tried to use the product that they’ve designed. Why didn’t they see the blatant design flaws? But not in this case. There’s nothing to complain about.It looks nice.It is really sturdily built.Everything works as advertised.The inner container fits quite well in the outer container, as it should.Standard 13 gallon bags fit it nicely. I’ve tried bags from two companies. Both fit easily.The lid-lift pedal works like it should.The feature that holds the lid open when you want it to functions properly.The parts which should be made out of metal are, in fact, made out of metal and not made out of plastic.It cleans easily.It has good weight to it.It doesn’t slide around on the floor when it’s not supposed to.It has a feature to add odor-eating filters. I haven’t tried this, so can’t comment on it.It comes with a good supply of bags. They are of good quality and fit well.The inner container has nice metal lift up handles to make it easy to lift it out of the outer container.Everything works like it should!It was packed well and showed up without a scratch or dent.No annoying design blunders.I highly recommend this waste can.

    27. Classic Reviewer

      Our kitchen has a stainless steel can for garbage and a plastic one for recycling, this was a nice replacement and is really nice since you can remove the plastic lining with the handles.The garbage can does have nice side handles for carrying to the garbage can if you don’t want to use the side handles and the soft close works wonderfully. If we used this as a garbage can, I am sure the lock for the lid would be insanely useful for throwing scraps from cooking/dinner.The filter does seem to work although recycling isn’t very smelly, we haven’t noticed any smell from the can.Overall, nice premium trash can with a price to match.

    28. Joe Henry

      I like this trash can because they ACTUALLY designed it for human needs. There are many simplehuman design knock-off cans out there these days, and laughably, none of them fix the issues with the simplehuman can… except this can.1. You can’t open the lids manually without the foot pedal. What if the pedal mechanism breaks? What if your positioned where it’s awkward for you to reach the food pedal? Etc.. This trash can fixes that with the very subtle indentation on the otherwise inset lid, and it’s easy enough to open that way, it’s just big enough that you won’t hurt your fingers trying to grasp under the lid to open it.2. You can lock the lid up in place without taking the entire top up, so the bag stays in place. SimpleHuman failed here.3. BAGS. SimpleHuman is running a racket and takin big $$ from everyone who buys their crap with their custom bags. NO, it is not necessary to have custom fit bags, just make a trash can that fits 90% of 13 gallon bags, PLEASE. I’m using Heafty 13 gallon and they work just fine on this can, no slipping experiences so far! They even have a little slot on the back of the hard liner to tuck in excess bag rim (this could be designed a little better but its sufficient)4. There is a hard can liner, so if your trash bag leaks liquid, you can remove the hard liner and wash that easily without having to try to was the entire can with lid still attached.5. Odor control. Can’t say how well the carbon filters work yet but it’s well designed.6. Flat back trash can can be placed right up against the wall.That’s a lot of issues with the SimpleHuman “designed for humans” product! What a racket! This trash can is a savior!Complaints -1. The hard liner handles are not the best, sometimes get stuck a little when you slide them back down into place after changing the trash, but they do the job.2. The whole can rocks/moves a bit – they need to put some pads on the bottom or give it a little more bottom weight, then it would feel very solid and not quite as cheap. Not a deal breaker at all, 0 impact on usability.3. They could punch a couple holes in the hard can liner so that full trash bags can be pulled out easier instead of having that suction that makes it hard to pull bags out. If they add these holes, they should be a couple inches off the bottom of the hard liner so liquids don’t leak out the bottom, and also be shaped like upward facing vents, so liquid could not escape out by running down the inside of the can. Even better, run/drill holes from the top of the hard liner to the very bottom inside the hard liner in the four corners. That way liquid would have to come from the very top of the can to get in there which is basically impossible, and you can still have the holes at the very bottom of the can for the air flow.They almost have a perfect trash can here.

    29. andrea mann

      It is a nice trash can. The outside cleans well. It is not as tall as my previous one, so my back hurts when I grate over the trash for an extended period. The 13-gal trash bags are too big for the can but work fine.

    30. VJSVJS

      Wow, I was really impressed by this trash can. It’s a great size and stays fingerprint-free. I love the shape of it because you can put it up against the wall without it coming out too far. It really holds a great amount of garbage too, lol. The pedal down at the bottom that controls the lid works wonderfully. It’s nice and smooth and pops the lid up quietly. I love the little lock that can keep the lid in the upright position, which is super handy if you’re doing a big cleanup job. A lovely feature. Plus, it looks GREAT. It comes with a charcoal filter too, which I appreciate. And my favorite thing of all… It comes with an anti-slip rubber trim on the bottom, which is a great touch. This trash can doesn’t slide around nearly as much as the other one I previously had. Definitely keeps it steady. Very sleek and modern-looking. Super easy to get the garbage bag in and out. LOVE THIS.

    31. Mila

      At first I was not sure about the value for such a big price. But!!! After a few month using it I can definitely say I do not regret my purchase. It looks stylish, the waste package was a hidden, we don’t feel any odours from the trash, even when onions is there for a night. I am 100% happy. It’s definitely worth every single penny.

    32. Third daughter

      So in spite of the herculean solid styrofoam form that totally surrounded this trash can when we unpacked it there was still a dent in the side. I have no idea, given the amazing packing job, how this could have happened, unless it was dented before shipping or I was sent a defective item. Otherwise it works great.

    33. Erin F Erin F

      The media could not be loaded.

       This is a bit dusty from being in my hall, and I have not removed the blue film from the cover yet. It is a Stainless cover to match the bottom of the can. I love the soft close top. I tried to video how nicely it works, but one of my dogs was being very helpful so it is just a brief view.I use this for recycling with a reusable liner inside the hard plastic bin liner that comes with this product, and it works great. The hard plastic liner that comes with the can is sturdy and feels durable. I do like how it is easy to remove and replace. This seems like a well-designed item and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a sleek and user-friendly bin, with a nice soft close lid. There are also smell-reducing packets that I have not installed since I only put rinsed-out items inside.

    34. R S Cobblestone

      This stainless steel trash can from ELPHECO sits in our kitchen next to the comparable model from SimpleHuman. And I would say that it generally holds it own. I use it for recyclables, so since I cannot use any plastic bags or liners, it is extremely helpful to have an internal bin that easily slides out. I like the two small handles on the internal bin that make it easier to get a grip on when removing. Because we pull out the internal bin so frequently, it is also helpful that the lid opens fully and is easily held open with the small tab. Our particular trash can did not arrive with any dents or scrapes, and although it took a little time to remove, the attached sticker did come off cleanly and did not leave any residue.

    35. Gerie WGerie W

      Exactly what we needed. A little heavy, but not overly excessively heavy. This trash can is truly amazing. It holds quite a bit of trash (13 gallon bags), so to many trash runs won’t be required. It came with trash bags already so this was a plus. Even though they were thin, I’d recommend buying more. I don’t like that it’s not smudge proof so it’ll require a lot of wiping off to keep it clean. The foot pedal is a plus, so this should help to keep it clean. Highly recommend !

    36. Queen 1

      Perfect for the kitchen just press foot pedal to open. Lid closes slowly by itself no slamming the inner bin removes easy

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