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Stainless Sensor Can With Legs – Large

(14 customer reviews)

Material: Stainless Steel

Capacity: 12 Gallons

Shape: Rectangular

Opening Mechanism: Motion-Sensor

Recommended Uses: Kitchen

Room Type: Kitchen

Special Features: Quiet Close, Sensor

Finish Type: Brushed, Fingerprint-proof, Smooth, Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 16”L x 11”W x 29”H


Notice for Customers: Requires 6 AA batteries (not included). The outer body is made of brushed stainless steel with wooden legs. Follow the instructions for proper installation and use.

Sophisticated Appearance: Features a fingerprint-proof, brushed stainless steel coating and a high-strength CABS lid frame.

Smart Sensor: Fully-developed smart sensing technology minimizes unnecessary openings and extends battery life. Powered by 6 AA batteries.

Noise Avoidance: The lid closes silently and smoothly, reducing noise during operation.

Dimensions: 16”L x 11”W x 29”H (24”H without legs). With a 12-gallon capacity, it can store a large amount of waste, while the intelligent sensor design keeps the entire garbage bag hidden inside.

Cleaning Efficacy: Press and hold the button on the right for 3 seconds to activate the cleaning effect.

Custom Fit Bags: Designed for ELPHECO’s code D trash bags, ensuring a perfect fit that prevents slips and tears with extra thick, double-stitched construction.

8-16 gal eco bags – 8 rolls/80 bags
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  • D Littleton

    Love this! It keeps my life easier and germ free!


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    14 reviews for Stainless Sensor Can With Legs – Large

    1. Bill CailyirisdadBill Cailyirisdad

      This trashcan came with a 4 leg stands which make it looks stylish and easier and convenient for us to use. It also has the LED light on the front cover lids so it can be used without turning on the light at night to use.Also, the touchless sensor is very useful and smoothly which I haven’t change any batteries for more than 2 months daily used. however, the trashcan is quite small, with a 2.5 -gallon capacity so it cannot hold too many trashes and we will need to empty it as frequently.Additionally, the removable inner liner makes it easy to clean and replace the trash bag, overall, the convenient and stylish design still make this a good fit for bathroom use.

    2. Elizabeth gerrish

      this trash can is awesome. totally works. very receptive to hands, has a quick close response time. and it’s pretty. lights up at night it’s worth every penny

    3. Shon

      Let me start by saying I am the pickiest, Amazon shopper. I will not buy a product without intensely reviewing and looking at everything photo and reading every review. It’s a blessing and a curse. I will literally suffer without the product I am in need of until I know for sure I can get the best item out there. It’s a trash can, I get it. Big whoop. Well I have gone almost a year and a half without a trashcan for my bathrooms because of how picky I am and I will say, this is the BEST purchase I have made this year. It is made of high-quality materials, and the sensors on the lid are great (and sensitive). I love that they give you OPTIONS with how you want the lid to open or close.In close, if you are PICKY like me and suffer from over-researching and reluctant purchasing. Look no further, I promise you this is the can. This is it.

    4. Jamman710

      I previously got a similar self-opening trash can from another maker and it was junk. This one is exactly what I was hoping for plus more!First, this one was easy to assemble (no tools, no figuring out difficult diagrams) and it worked right away (after putting in the batteries). If you wave your hand near the front, it opens. It doesn’t open just because you walk by.Second, it has little LED lights inside to show you where to put your trash. Finally, IT CAME WITH EXTRA TRASH BAGS THAT FIT THE CAN! I was NOT expecting that.We’ve been using this for about 3 weeks and it’s ideal. Simple to put together, looks good, works perfectly and has lights and bags that we weren’t expecting.

    5. JHJH

      The motion sensor is super responsive. Takes 3AA batteries (not included). Easy to assemble, screw in legs and add batteries. The entire battery unit comes out (you only see a spot for 1 AA battery, but when you remove the unit there are 2 spots on the bottom). Very small capacity trash can that looks very elegant.

    6. Rob Roberts

      I love the design of this can. It looks great when you are finished with the couple minute setup. It works perfectly right out of the box. The motor isn’t very loud at all compared to other garbage cans of the same value up to twice the value! You definitely get full value of your purchase with this. It’s the perfect addition to my game room that’s currently undergoing demolition/reconstruction. The only issue I had with this is something that almost ALL automated cans suffer from, shadows and light. You can’t have it in a shaded area for it to work properly. This particular garbage can handles it better than most others I’ve seen in this price range. Low noise was my hammer on this purchase!

    7. kate

      I was excited to get this but the first item there was a malfunction. I contacted the seller and they were quick to resolve and provided great customer service. My new items is what I wanted for my cat food cans and it matches my color scheme. I highly recommend if you want something small and modern!

    8. Tyler S Johnson

      Wish we had one of these for every bathroom in our house. It works as intended and the motion sensing is very good on it. Our favorite part is the stands which in turn prohibits our nosey beagle from rummaging through it like she does with all of the other ones.Definitely unique but very well designed and functions exactly as it should and maybe even better than I expected.

    9. BrahjaBrahja

      Great addition for nursery! It holds quite a bit of trash and is a great size. It doesn’t take a lot of space and I love the feet it gives it an elegant look. 10/10 does not come with batteries so make sure you get 3 AA batteries for set up

    10. Natalie Faye FernNatalie Faye Fern

      Unlike a lot of motion sensor trash cans that are some variation of standard silver stainless steel, this one looks more unique and stylish.The wood legs are not only attractive – they are also practical and make cleaning under the trash can much easier. They were very easy to assemble and screw on.Due to the size of the trash can, I think it is best suited for a bathroom or home office. Although the outer case seems a bit large for a bathroom, the inner bin is actually much smaller. I believe this is to accommodate the electronic panel on the lid, but I was still surprised to see the difference in size when I first received it.I love how easy it is to slip bags over the inner bin and conceal the edges so that they don’t show! Also, free trash bags that fit perfectly were provided.The motion sensor was responsive and worked smoothly. It requires 3 AA batteries to work, so it’s best to have these already on hand if you’re ordering the trash can, as the batteries are not included.Overall, I’d recommend this trash can if you’re looking for a smaller bin that also makes an aesthetic statement.

    11. Julie SJulie S

      I had this cute little trash can assembled in about 5 minutes and it was packaged very well. There were no dents and the legs screwed on very easily. This does require 3 AA batteries. I did not see them in the box but I had some. The space where you install the batteries is a bit tricky. You actually have to pull out the battery tray inside the lid. Two batteries go on the bottom and one on top, then you put the tray back inside the battery compartment. The complimentary trash bags are not great and tore when I tried to separate them when installing one. Overall, this is adorable!!!

    12. AnnmarieAnnmarie

      The media could not be loaded.

       This little trash can is awesome! Perfect size for bedroom, bathroom, or office. I tend to use grocery bags as trash bags and although this came with it’s own bags, I will probably just use grocery bags when I run out of these since they fit the can just fine. The countdown lights before it closes and the inside light are helpful and not too bright in a dark room. The wood legs make it a bit tall for use in the bathroom, but it looks really nice without the legs too, so you can always go that route. It opens and closes quietly and you can use the long open button and close button when the standard sensor open time isn’t enough. It looks nice and feels fancy, so I would definitely recommend.

    13. KimKim

      This trash can is so unique and cute. The legs easily screw in or you can choose not use them for a lower height trash can with little plastic feet. The motion sensor works great and requires 3 AA batteries. It stays open for 5 seconds and has a digital count down before closing. If you manually press the lid open button it stays open for 5 minutes with a digital count down, or you can close it sooner with the lid close button. It came with some liners that fit well around the inner can. There is kind of a lot of wasted space inside around the liner though. This is a very sleek and stylish trash can and i really love it.

    14. J B GALVEZ

      This is a better choice than the other stainless steel trash can I had in one of our restrooms. It opens/close via a touchless motion sensor. Beautifully made in stainless steel with 4 wooden legs. I do not really like the legs addition, but it’s perfectly functional. This little trashcan have all the “bells and whistles” it could need…Led lights, motion sensor for automáticamente operation, includes the small inner trash can and a few bags…Just keep in mind that you will need to buy 3 AA batteries that are not incleded.

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