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RectoLux-T Stainless Sensor Can

(23 customer reviews)

Material: Stainless Steel

Capacity: 8 Gallons

Shape: Square

Opening Mechanism: Motion-Sensor

Recommended Uses: Public Places

Room Type: Kitchen, Hotel, Restaurant

Special Features: Silent Close, Odor Seal

Finish Type: Polished

Dimensions: 9.84″L x 9.84″W x 24.21″H


Notice for Customers: Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Follow the instructions to properly install the garbage bag. Contact us immediately if any issues arise during use.

Slender Profile Design: The square base and comfortable height allow for easy trash disposal without bending over, while the compact design fits seamlessly in any space.

5-Second Countdown Timer: The lid automatically closes after a 5-second countdown, preventing accidental pinching.

Long-Open Mode: Press the button on the left side of the display to keep the lid open, allowing for convenient disposal of various types of waste.

Multi-Scene Applications: Ideal for home use in kitchens and living rooms, as well as public places like office buildings, hotel lobbies, restaurants, and in front of elevators, promoting a healthy and hygienic environment.

Custom Fit Bags: Designed for ELPHECO’s code D trash bags, ensuring a perfect fit that prevents slips and tears with extra thick, double-stitched construction.

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    23 reviews for RectoLux-T Stainless Sensor Can

    1. Tata

      I use this trash can for my bathroom. It would be too small for the kitchen if you have a family or it’s more than just you in the house. It has a really sleek design and the motion detection works perfectly.

    2. Bacci

      The product is very stylish, sleek appearance, and well designed. It is easy to use and the bags fit snuggly and removed with little effort. It is the best trash receptacle I have ever used. The convenience of a hand motion to open and close the lid allows the receptacle to remain clean. Fits nicely in corners.

    3. Kevin RKevin R

      A very nice Stainless steel trash Can with an automatic motion sensor lid opener. Also, it closes after five seconds. And It works perfect everytimel. It uses three double AA batteries. And also it is an 8 gallon in aize. It is a little over 24 inches tall and almost 10 inches wide. It is great for your home or office. I use mine in the laundry room.I highly recommend this product and give it a FIVE STAR.

    4. laksh

      It’s very useful and reliable

    5. Nicole FryNicole Fry

      This stainless steel trash can is perfect!The item arrived with no dents or scratches, packed perfectly in a big box with styrofoam. The item itself takes 3 AA batteries.You have the option to use motion detection open/close or there is buttons you can push for open/close. But the motion detector works really well! You can do it from a foot + away and it still picks it up.I thought it was a great touch from the seller that they included a roll of the perfect sized trash bags for you.Overall I’ve had a great experience with the seller, the product etc. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a motion detector trash can.(It is a bit small for everyday household use, but perfect for someone who lives alone, or as a bathroom / office / outdoor trash can!

    6. Mardi IglesiasMardi Iglesias

      Okay, so I really appreciate not having to touch the trash can when throwing trash away. Makes it super convenient when cooking. You will need three double A batteries before you are able to use the sensor motion. I think the sizing is a bit small, It does come with a roll of trash bags. You can also use standard size trash bags as well. I do have a little trouble removing the trash bag when filled which have caused ripping so that is a little frustrating. It is really durable and easy to clean which is nice. Overall I would say considering everything, this trash can is a bit overpriced.

    7. Rodney Kerrigan

      It came with a roll of trash bags which I wasn’t expecting but is definitely appreciated. I have yet to actually use the initial bag I put in it because I put it in my bathroom which seldom accumulates any trash except for the occasional paper towel or toilet paper roll. The sensor is definitely sensitive to trigger, but I don’t see that as being a bad thing if you have it located in a spot that isn’t directly under where you might walk past. I originally intended to use it in my kitchen, but because that’s where most of my bulky trash gets thrown away I ended up using it in my bathroom instead because it’s a bit too narrow to throw most things away in. I’ve used this trash can for about three months now without any issues.

    8. Eugene B.

      Very nice trash bin with a small vertical upright profile. It literally holds a lot of trash. We put it in our master bathroom. Swipe your hand over the top without even touching the top and it opens. It also closes by itself. Or if you choose, actually press the button to open and close it, you can do that too.

    9. RAERAE

      This stainless steel trash can is very attractive and does not take up a lot of space in my small kitchen. I love the automatic lid feature, no more gross trash can lid to clean. And bonus, trash bags were included.It is a smaller than most kitchen trash cans. It measures 2 ft tall and 10 inches wide. And has an 8 gallon capacity. It fits perfectly next to my kitchen island without obstructing walking space.My favorite thing is the automatic lid. When opened with the sensor it will close in five seconds. When opened with the button it will stay open until the close button is pushed.I would recommend this for anyone who has a small space or just doesn’t want a large ugly trash can in their kitchen.

    10. AwesomeAwesome

      The media could not be loaded.

       So this is an awesome garbage can, however it’s too small for the kitchen, and too big for the bedrooms/living room/bathroomAt least mine(I live in a small apartment. Might take it to my office seems like it would fit right in near my desk.

    11. Montana Hale

      Love that it gives a countdown before closing! I have this in my laundry room for the lint bin! It takes 3 batteries in the lid. So convenient

    12. Empress Moore

      I love this trash can. This is a nice upgrade to my kitchen.

    13. Christina Civitello

      I love this trash can, but how long are the batteries going to last before they have to be changed. I will update to see. It’s has plenty of trash space for those low traffic areas. Easy cleaning too.You can even use it without the top too.

    14. RK

      Love this product! If you’re looking for this kind of kitchen waste container – especially touch-free for green waste, etc. Get this one for sure!

    15. Alicia YingAlicia Ying

      I’m so glad I got this motion sensor trash can! It’s everything I wanted and more!Sleek designmotion sensor is sensitive and easy to use! Wave your hand or even a piece of paper in front of it and it will automatically openHas a 5 second countdown– wave your hand to open, it will open automatically, you will see the countdown happen from 5 to 0, then it will close on its own after the countdownIf you need it open longer, just press the open button on the lid. Press the close button when you’re ready to closeIt does take 3 AA batteries (not included). Yes– take out the battery compartment and look at the instructions on how to place the 3 batteries in. Confusing at first, but very easy to do and keeps the design compactComes with trash bagsHolds a ton of trash! I’m using it for recycling and it holds more paper than my old trash canEveryone in my household loves this! This is definitely worth the price!

    16. Dan

      This was perfect for our laundry area and I like the slim design. Love the automatic lid which is responsive and opens and closes quickly, instead of the slow laggy speed of some others. Also has a 5 sec auto close feature. Comes with a bunch of bags which is a nice little surprise. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a nice slim automatic garbage can.

    17. Amazon Customer

      I loved it until it stopped working only a few months after purchase. I bought the trash can in November, 2022, and the sensor stopped working in early February, 2023. I bought the trash can for the convenient hands’ free sensor opening. I can’t return because it It is past their date for return.

    18. Drew M.Drew M.

      Does its job. Motion sensor works great and big enough for the laundry room even though I find it stylish. No complaints. Worth it.

    19. SoCal MommaSoCal Momma

      I really like this product — it’s a true vertical rectangle shape for fitting nicely into a corner. Arrived well packaged so no damage to the beautiful exterior. Came with a small roll of bags + instruction booklet, and installing my own batteries was simple. The automatic opening is perfect to keep germs and smudges at bay — it’s touchless for stowing away garbage. Sound is very minimal when the door opens/closes as well.

    20. Cheryl

      This trash can is an 8 gallon size which is ideal for small spaces with only one or two people. I have a very small kitchen and its 9.25”x9.25” footprint is ideal. The can is approximately two feet tall and has a sensor that opens the lid so that trash can be disposed of hands free. It is a bit on the pricey side though at around $80 but it seems very well made for the expense.

    21. janice

      It fits exactly where I wanted it to. No dents ,perfect .

    22. Evan F.Evan F.

      Love this trash can. It opens without having to touch it and then it has a count down for it to close again on its own. Great addition to my little office area. It takes up minimal space, is easy on the eyes, and functions the way it is designed to. Love that it comes with a set of trash bags made to its dimensions. Also love the inside handle (makes taking the trash out much easier).

    23. Tee

      This is my second sensor trash can, and I am impressed with it. The build is nice and sturdy, the sensor works well and is quite smooth. The only think I dont like is that there is a 5 second timer when it opens, I wish there was a way to control this. I attached an odor guard to the lid, which makes it close immediately when it opens, so maybe that can work for others. Also while the battery consumption is decent, I would have preferred to have the option to connect this directly to power, and have the battery part as an option.It came with a pack of bin liners which was a nice touch on the part of the sellers, but its nice and slim and can fit in many locations so all in all a great bin to have

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