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9.5L cabinet can

(30 customer reviews)

Material: Polypropylene

Color: Navy Blue


Capacity: 2.5 Gallons

Product Dimensions: 10″ L x 6.5″ W x 10″ H

Shape: Rectangular


Simple & Stylish:

  • This cabinet-hanging trash bin meets the high standards of ELPHECO products.
  • Made of water-resistant material, it looks great in your kitchen or bathroom while being highly durable.

Portable Operation:

  • Wall-mounted trash can supports two-way opening.
  • Can be opened both forward and backward for added convenience.
  • Adds a convenient service to your daily life.

Wide Applicability:

  • Suitable for kitchen, bathroom, or other applicable spaces.
  • Comes with two different types of supporting parts for easy installation.
  • Adhesive strip for flat, clean vertical surfaces like bathroom walls.
  • Hanging option for cabinet doors not thicker than 1 inch.


  • Dimensions: 10” L x 6.5” W x 10” H, 2.5 Gallon capacity.
  • Made of durable polypropylene materials.
  • Large capacity wall-mounted design for placing food waste.

Trash Bag Fix Ring:

  • Removable trash bag fixed liner supports heavier waste.
  • Simply take out the liner and put a trash bag on it.
  • Trash bag remains invisible when the lid is closed.


  • Code A trash bags are designed to fit perfectly in this trash can.
  • Bags do not slip and are completely hidden.
  • Extra thick plastic and double-stitched construction prevent tears and breakage.
1.5-4 gal small eco bags – 18 rolls/180 bags
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30 reviews for 9.5L cabinet can

  1. PR

    We are using it in our travel trailer. Now we do not have a garbage can on the floor getting in our way since our travel trailer is small. Fits over the cabinet door.

  2. Cindy Sciacca

    I really like this product. It is easy to setup and use. It holds up well. Easy to clean. I ordered one for my FL home and liked it so much that I ordered one for my NC home

  3. Tablefor8

    So nice to have nothing on the floor in the RV bathroom. This trash can was super easy to stick onto the wall and it’s the perfect size.

  4. yisel

    Muy comodo y facil de instalar.De uso en la cocina., super util

  5. Amazon Customer

    This is my first review. I’m so happy with this little compost bin. It sits on my counter, next to the sink. The lid mechanism is very handy, opening two ways, straight up, or down along the front. I generally use the strait up way. I also ordered the 24/7 Bags compostable 2.6 gallon liner bags. The whole system works perfect. We go through lots of veggies during the week but this little bin holds all the scraps. Sometimes the bag rips but so what. I can still remove the lid and carry the bin out to the pile and dump it with minimal mess. The plastic bin rinses out easily. After it dries I line it again, clip the lid on, and am ready for another week of scraps.

  6. Barbara CrawfordBarbara Crawford

    I couldn’t love this more. We now have to compost (at recycling) all food scraps. This hangs out of the way, holds quite a bit and by using compatible bags, I just close them up and toss them in the bin at recycling.

  7. Gloria Pelaez

    I absolutely love this product! Easy to install over cabinet door and can hide it when necessary. My life is easier thanks to this. Outstanding. Highly recommend it.

  8. LoloM

    This is perfect for small kitchens or in areas needing a small trash can. I use this in the kitchen for wrappers and other small trash items. It holds more than you thinks. Hides perfectly under a counter and easy to install. It’s sturdy too.

  9. Sunshine State

    I was looking the size that fits grocery bags and does not sit on the floor for our robot vacuum. We set a grocery bag in the morning then take it out at the night, so kitchen waste does not stay overnight. The size is a little smaller than I was hoping for. But it is very easy to clean and sturdy. While I am cooking, I hang in the front of the kitchen cabinet, then hide behind the cabinet when our guests are here. I probably will get 3.5 gal size for kitchen and move this one to our bathroom.

  10. Lana Ivette

    It’s perfect for needs. Will buy more. Can be used for storage also.

  11. Tablefor8

    So nice to have nothing on the floor in the RV bathroom. This trash can was super easy to stick onto the wall and it’s the perfect size.

  12. Joyciewuu

    Super discreet, secures the liner and keeps the smell away!

  13. dmv

    in the perfect place.

  14. Anthony Pape

    Great counter space saver, less messy and smelly. The lid opens both ways which is great while prepping. They have little springs that I lost one already but have not heard back if you can get a replacement. Still works fine though.

  15. Heybob!!

    This is one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time. It’s easy to clean, the top moves forward to get the scraps in easy, keeps the smell contained. The only negative I have, it said on the box it came with 10 bags. There were none. I used plastic grocery bags. Worked just fine.

  16. Marina Montes de Oca Silva

    I love it! I will get another one rn

  17. RuthE

    This kitchen trash can exceeded all my expectations. The more I use it, the better I like it. The 10 liners listed on the box were not present, but it is so handy and easy to line that I can get along without them.

  18. NA

    The bin is exactly as I expected it. I mean, it opens well, I bag it with grocery bags from my pickup orders and it has helped so much being close to the prepping action. Some might find it fussy to bag, but once you get the hang of it, it’s ok. Most bubs with that bag ring are the same. I have a small kitchen and my large trash can was just a waste to use and is now relegated to recycling. This helped create a clear difference between recycling and non-recycling waste and we now only throw a small bag of kitchen trash every other day. It is hard convincing others to recycle so this was a great first step, and it made it easy.

  19. Brandi

    I compost but I would never use this for composting as it says in description, the lid it’s not sealed enough for that and it would be so SMELLY. But I do use it for scraps to be put into my composter (for a day or less). Super cute and out of the way trashcan and it is very clean looking!

  20. DM

    This is perfect for hanging inside my cupboard. I don’t like traditional trash cans so this works perfectly abs remains out of sight.

  21. Amazon Customer

    Just received it. Seems like a good size, not to big. The lid can open two different directions.It can hang by a “hook” stuck to the inside of the cabinet door, and hang by a “hook” over the cabinet door – so two options. Hang over the door while cooking, dump the scraps, then move it to hang out-of-sight inside the cabinet.The box said it was supposed to include 10 bags, but they were missing.

  22. The O

    I like everything about this compost bin. It’s exactly as described. Well-made, and easy to use. The lid keeps all food scrap aromas inside, and I like that there are two ways to access the bin, either by lifting the lid with the pull-tab or by lifting the entire lid and setting alongside the bin. I was concerned the hardware wouldn’t be sturdy enough to support sliding the lid to the side but it works perfectly. I highly recommend this bin.

  23. Tina B.

    This is good quality, easy to open and close. Nice attachment to hold the bag on inside. Really like the size and usability for my tiny camper.

  24. Abbie

    I have a small bathroom so this was perfect to put inside the cabinet without having to take up more of the already small bathroom. It stuck to the cabinet door perfectly and hasn’t shown any signs of falling off and I’ve had it for about a month now!

  25. A.M. Rinaldo

    After a few disappointing trash solutions for my kitchen sink inside cabinet, I was very pleasantly surprised with this one. It is small and unobtrusive, nice looking, great movable lid. I used the stick-on option and 2 months later it’s still in place.

  26. Therese Schmidt

    This is such a great addition to my kitchen. Highly recommend to anyone. Living where I do, we tend to get bugs if you don’t empty any trash containing food products. This has almost completely eliminated this problem since I empty this one (and tie it up tight) every day and dispose of into the big bin. I do wish it came in different colors though but not a reason to not purchase for sure.

  27. Brandi

    I compost but I would never use this for composting as it says in description, the lid it’s not sealed enough for that and it would be so SMELLY. But I do use it for scraps to be put into my composter (for a day or less). Super cute and out of the way trashcan and it is very clean looking!

  28. Gram

    I’ve had a corner sink in my kitchen for over 30 years and could never find a garbage solution. Anything under the sink couldn’t slide out so garbage never quite made it in there. Just hung a bag on my cabinet knobs but it looks awful. Re-did our kitchen 3 years ago…no knobs so my husband just left a plastic bag in the sink….UGH? This little gem solved the problem. Attached to the inside of the cabinet under the sink and it’s PERFECT. Even fits with the garbage disposal. A perfect solution to a 30 year old problem that drove me crazy.

  29. CJ

    Fit under sink, hangs on door but could be about 1inch lower. Two way lid is very helpful. Easy to change bag.

  30. Amazon Customer

    It’s the perfect size to have hanging on the inside of the cupboard. I’m glad I purchased this thank you!

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