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TwinLid Slim Sensor Can

(57 customer reviews)

Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

Capacity: 2.5 Gallons

Color: Gold/Silver

Shape: Oval

Opening Mechanism: Motion-Sensor

Recommended Uses: Bathroom, Kitchen, Office

Room Type: Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Office

Special Features: Waterproof, Sensor


Hassle-free Two-Year Warranty: Enjoy 100% satisfaction with our dedicated customer support and no extra charges for defective parts within the warranty period.

Butterfly Lid: Split doors open from the center, providing a larger clearance for easier waste disposal. The sleek and elegant design makes it perfect for your bathroom.

Advanced Motion Sensor: Fully-developed sensing technology reduces unnecessary openings and extends battery life. The lid stays open when your hands are near the sensor and closes automatically after 5 seconds of inactivity. Powered by 3 AA batteries.

Stay-Open Mode: Touch the display button to keep the lid open, indicated by a rotating blue light. Touch the button again to close the stay-open mode.

High-Quality Materials: Made from high-quality ABS with IPX5 water-resistant technology, preventing water damage and leaving no water stains after rinsing.

Slim and Convenient Design: The modern oval-shaped design looks great in bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, or kitchens while taking up minimal space. The removable inner bucket holds trash bags securely and keeps them hidden for a neat appearance. Fits 2-4 gallon trash bags.

Custom Fit Bags: Designed for ELPHECO’s code A trash bags, ensuring a perfect fit that prevents slips and tears with extra thick, double-stitched construction.

1.5-4 gal small eco bags – 18 rolls/180 bags
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    57 reviews for TwinLid Slim Sensor Can

    1. ChrisTChrisT

      I’ve had this in my bathroom for about 2 months now. I still haven’t needed to change the batteries in my busy household. I love that this fits the grocery store bags (no special can liners needed). I’m super happy with this purchase!

    2. YC-M

      Wow this is a wonderful design! You must have it.

    3. Bernadette

      This is the best for bathroom, camper, desk and more. Closed, clean. You don’t have to touch…I just think it’s outstanding! Get you one!

    4. Amazon Customer

      Functionality is just as important and aesthetics, and this hit the nail right in the head for both!No smudges, motion detection works well, compact space saving. My favorite part is the trash bag never shows since the bin has an inner and outer shell.As someone who pays close attention to detail, loves luxury products, and hates cheap things, this was so perfect and exactly what my bathroom needed. LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE THIS!

    5. SD

      I love this so much more than the first style I purchased. I love the dome shape and how it opens instead of a flap that rises. It’s quiet and the batteries are lasting much longer than the other one too. This brand is great!

    6. Ken

      Works just like the website says. I don’t know how long the batteries will last, but so far, more than a month. Trash can liners were available at my local grocery store.

    7. Tammy Pita

      I purchased this can because I was tired of seeing the collection of item in my bathroom bin. This trash can hides the trash and is easy to maintain. I would definitely recommend.

    8. Alyssa

      This is my favorite bathroom trash can. All my guests ask about it. Very good quality and very modern and stylish.

    9. Nina

      its sleek! i love the motion detection and preset bags that come with it! i purchased the rose gold with intent to repaint the bins with waterproof black bathroom paint to match decor. i plan to order another for my bedroom vanity. i cant speak to battery life yet but it is definitely convenient hygienic aesthetically pleasing and compact! highly recommend.

    10. Nick

      after one year it’s working awesome i haven’t changed the batteries.

    11. Sharon

      I love this garbage can. Keeps my puppy out of the garbage. It’s fabulous and just a good size for my bathroom.

    12. Kitekatnyc

      Loved it. Very adorable and works great so far

    13. Mantis

      I’ve had this for just over a month and I love it. Perfect size and the sensor recognizes your movement every time. I have the sensor toward the wall and so far it hasn’t triggered with the cats walking around the other sides which is the whole point for me. Hope it lasts!

    14. AileenAileen

      Se ve elegante y a pesar de verse pequeño es ancho, realmente siempre compro con detector de movimiento y siempre hay problemas con eso que suempre no detectan bien y este es super en eso hasta que no pones ka mano no se abre y ese es el objetivo, compralo que esta muy bueno

    15. pamela ann rea

      .can trash this love freaking I


      Omg!… I was so happy to finally find a trash can that opens to the side as opposed to the lids flipping upwards. It’s great for small spaces! I use it under my kitchen sink and in my bathroom. Very easy to clean and looks beautiful. The material is a sturdy plastic, very durable. I absolutely love this trash can. They even send a starter trash bag roll with it! Amazing! I’ve had it for a few weeks now and have had no problems since. Definitely an easy 5 stars for me !!

    17. Chooseup

      The first automatic can I had was not quite and the lid opened upward like a clamshell. It was also impossible to use a trash bag. The design of this can is perfect. Doors open horizontally from the top and is very quiet. It comes with trash bags that fit and easy to add or remove. The size is just right for the guest bathroom and so far, the batteries have lasted at least two months.

    18. RJBC

      Perfect I only wish that they made a Large Kitchen version in stainless steel of this

    19. Pamela K

      So far so good! I’m absolutely thrilled with this trash can. I’ve had my eye on it for a long time and decided to go for it. It’s so nice to no longer see bathroom trash in an open can! The motion detection is very responsive and opens quickly. The butterfly doors are so awesome – I couldn’t find any other small trash can with doors like this anywhere! It fits well (even better than a round one) in a really small space but is plenty roomy inside. They also include a small roll of trash bags to get you started. If it holds up and doesn’t break quickly, I will be 1000% satisfied and it will be worth every penny paid. I will update my review if there’s anything negative to report down the road.

    20. Nancy Nunlist

      I love having the trash can for the bathroom. It is nice to have a lid that closes. Fits next to the toilet perfect.

    21. marie gillroy

      As advertised. Clean and compact, perfect for the bathroom!

    22. RowanRowan

      Very happy with my purchase. Perfect size to fit next to your bathroom sink and toilet. This is one of the few bins that has a lid that opens to the side vs having a lid that lifts up. You do need to get pretty close to the sensor for it to open; however, this does eliminate the bin from opening up every time someone walks by. The bin also comes with a roll of garbage bags to use.Cons: I would have preferred to be able to charge the bin with a power cord; however, this item is ran on batteries instead. Not a huge con but something that I would have liked to see.

    23. Georgina M

      Nice looking and very convenience. Better than what I thought.

    24. Kat

      Great size, perfect electronic opening where your guests don’t have to stare at what’s in the trash or have an annoying lid to touch. The white and gold looks great in my bathroom.

    25. k adams

      Works just like the website. Getting the bag out is a bit of a learning curve. Worth every penny. Our new pup was getting into the trash.

    26. Lady M

      I love the motion detection open and closing. Very cute and useable.

    27. Patricia S

      This works great, looks nice in our bathrooms. I like that it hides the trash. Easy to either dump out or change the bags as needed.

    28. ap

      Great size for bathroom the design is the best i have seen. Shell outer case provides a nice seal. Lid opening sensor is smooth not clunky.

    29. Christine Anthony-Barrera

      I’m in to sanitation so not touching my trash can is great. A bit “extra” I admit but I love it. Only issue is it is a bit small but I’m ok with that

    30. Ms Mary Mac

      I appreciate the batteries and easy-peasy set up, even with some bags! Well worth the money.

    31. justin

      My dog liked going into the bathroom and putting all the toilet paper all over the floor. This solved that problem, couldn’t be happier.

    32. Jloep

      We have a home in an Island in Belize. We are off grid with a small septic system. Flushing toilet paper is a huge NONO. Had a lidded trash can with a foot pedal but honestly, the peddle is useless, so you open the lid with your hand to throw in dirty paper. This trash can is GENIOUS for this situation. It sits to the right of the toilet & the slightest movement of your hand tells it to open. Closes on its own quickly. This was a perfect solution to a gross problem. Remove cover with a push of the release button to remove bag. Just need to remove the batteries when we return to the States because the climate here is no friend to anything with batteries. But we do that with everything. Definitely worth the extra $$ to be hands free.

    33. Deyanira Corrales

      Excellent for my needs

    34. Clautilde

      it came in a clean box easy to assemble and work perfectly

    35. Nancy M

      Using this in the bathroom. It works well.

    36. Bernadette

      This is the best for bathroom, camper, desk and more. Closed, clean. You don’t have to touch…I just think it’s outstanding! Get you one!

    37. amanda zhang

      great product!

    38. layla

      Perfect for small areas

    39. Amy Middleton

      I spent longer than I want to admit shopping for a bathroom trashcan. Wanted one with a lid, but the pedestal trash can we’d had for years was hard to open while seated. The butterfly lid is perfect.

    40. Nisha

      I purchased this for our bathroom. I like the idea of a motion sensor trash can that opened from both sides rather than the cover lifting upwards. The fact that it stays shut and remains intact keeps odors at bay. It works perfectly and is just the right size for a bathroom. Can be placed vertically or horizontally, wide enough to fit enough trash, sleek enough to fit in small spaces and easily next to the toilet. This is honestly even perfect for your bedroom or office space, its design is beautiful. I got the white and gold one and it is so pretty. Really elevates your experience & upgrades a space. Strongly recommend!P.S – Comes with perfect sized trash bag roll to get you started. If you’re not a fan of it being battery powered – I recommend you use rechargeable batteries. This will save you on ongoing costs.

    41. Pioner


    42. Johed

      Love it

    43. smbee

      Sleek, quiet and the perfect way to keep unsightly trash in your bathrooms.

    44. Kpadd1962

      This little trash can is just perfect for the bathroom. Closes and opens quietly every time.

    45. janices

      This is the perfect can for a bathroom. The motion sensor works wonderfully. And hides the smelly stuff under the lid

    46. Liza Tychuaco

      The size is exactly i need for a small toilet room. Its totally sealed.

    47. Michelle

      Very sleek and fits in smaller spaces. One thing I didn’t like was the slowness of opening & closing.

    48. sheila dumont

      Love it! Very sleek and beautiful. I wish they made a larger sized one.

    49. Monty Dubya

      We picked up two of these and so far we really like them. It’s also great to see them spook the cats occasionally.I really like that. It’s easy to take the top off and change the bag. We did have to move one of them because it was being triggered by something nearby. The motion detection isn’t smart at all so anything over the sensor will keep it open. Overall though, it’s great!

    50. elaine lombardo

      I needed a small trash can with a lid (my cat raids the trash), but the one that I have , you have to step on the foot peddle for the lid to pop up, which caused the lid to hit the side of my wall and nick the wall. Once I had it painted, I did not want to risk messing up the walls again, so I searched Amazon and found the perfect solution in this can. I also wanted something that was nice looking, which this shows nicely in my space as well!

    51. Aren Hu

      I like this so much the color and quality are good too

    52. Valentina

      Works very well so far. It looks well made and sturdy and I like that it’s easy to change the trash bag and clean out.

    53. Dano

      Works flawlessly. Great for tight spaces. It’s never failed to Open and close.If I could just get people to stop playing with it, I see Years of use.

    54. Celestino

      The shape is perfect to fit between the toilet and the counter in the bathroom.

    55. Amazon Customer

      Hides all the trash without any mess never have to touch the basket or even a pedal to open the lid. The liner is neatly hidden too. Great little basket for my bathroom.

    56. chrissy yoshida

      I rarely write reviews, but I love this trash can that much. I use a lot of baby wipes and it’s so convenient to just wave my hand over it. It’s perfect for the guest bathroom. I wanted another one for my master bathroom, but tried a different brand 40$ one on Amazon that opened upwards, but it was hard to get working and it looked so much “cheaper” than the Elpheco one, so I ended up returning that one. For 10$ more this was so much more worth it! I was excited tho when I saw this price drop to 40$ around the holidays so I quickly bought a 2nd one! I love the visual count down for when the lid closes, it comes with bags, there’s a gold button u push to pop it out to put in the trash bags so u can’t see it from the outside, and love the side-way opening lid.10/10 recommend 👍

    57. tata

      I just received it. Works great and looks pretty. I recommend

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