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SvelteWave Rectangular Sensor Can

(33 customer reviews)

Product Information
Capacity 13.5 Liters
Color Gold/Grey
Opening Mechanism Motion-Sensor
Material Plastic
Room Type Bathroom,Bedroom,Living Room,Office
Special Feature Waterproof, Sensor, Automatic
Shape Rectangular
Finish Type Waterproof





  • NOTICE FOR CUSTOMERS – This product is a motion sensor trash can. The dimension of it is 9.1”L×9.1”W×13”H. Customers need to install 2 AA batteries as well as follow the steps to put on the garbage bag to ensure the bin works properly. After installing the battery, consumers need to press and hold the button on the left side of the cover for 3 seconds to activate the induction device.
  • Water-resistant – Advanced IPX5 waterproof technology prevents water or humid environment from damaging the unit. Leaving none water stain on surface after rinse.
  • Trash bag fix ring – The removable trash bag fixed liner supports trash bags to hold heavier waste. Simply take out the liner and put a trash bag on it to keep the trash bag hidden inside.
  • Smart Sensor – Our fully-developed sensing technology reduces unnecessary openings and extends battery life. The lid stays open if your hands stay around the infrared motion sensor, which provides a comfortable user experience. Lid closes after 5 seconds automatically if none movement is detected by sensor. Product powered by 2 AA batteries.
  • Simple & Stylish – Modern design trash can perfectly blends into your living room, kitchen, bathroom and office.
  • Anti-slip design – Equipped with novel wave stripes that bring visual aesthetics and provide slip resistance.
  • CUSTOM FIT GARBAGE BAGS – Our code A trash bags are designed to fit perfectly in this trash can so they don’t slip and are completely hidden. The extra thick plastic and double stitched construction prevents tears and breakage.

1.5-4 gal small eco bags – 18 rolls/180 bags
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33 reviews for SvelteWave Rectangular Sensor Can

  1. Dana Kirkbride

    very pretty (if you can say that about a garbage can) I have the one trimmed in grey. the lid opens up easily and is quiet when closes. helps dogs and crawling baby to not be tempted to get in the trash. this came with a few trash bags which was a nice surprise.

  2. E. LynnE. Lynn

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     Who knew that a trashcan could be so elegant. The design and the customer appreciation, trash bags included with a thank you note, put this bin above the rest. It takes two double A batteries. When turning on be sure to hold the power button until it flashes as shown in the video. This piece of information was listed in the Q&A instead of the setup so initially I did not see it. I’m not one of those people who read the manual cover to cover. All’s well that end well.

  3. MRose

    Love it, works great

  4. AK

    This trashcan is the perfect size and looks great. It can be tucked away and blends in with furniture. Changing the trash bag is very easy and the lid takes batteries. The lid has a pretty long life.

  5. Dave L.

    The sensor is very sensitive but it works great. I love the design and size. Very easy to set up. It fits perfectly behind the toilet and blends in with the decor. Very good value for a self open trash can. Recommend

  6. Amazon Customer

    Functional and cute. Great stylish little trashcan that actually works

  7. AK

    This trashcan is the perfect size and looks great. It can be tucked away and blends in with furniture. Changing the trash bag is very easy and the lid takes batteries. The lid has a pretty long life.

  8. 🌷 Helpful Reviews 🌷

    I was concerned this might be too slow to open and close and would annoy me like some other automatic trash cans have in the past. But I was pleased with the speed at which the lid flips open, it’s near instant, you wave your hand or the trash over the top and it pops right open and gives just enough time to put your trash inside. It’s also just the perfect size to tuck next to a toilet, and the lid locks odors in which keeps curious pets from invading the trash!

  9. Daisee

    This is very attractive (even though it is plastic – you can’t really tell). The motion sensor works great and it closes automatically after a pause if your hand isn’t over the sensor. As long as you are near the sensor, it stays open. I like the ring inside too which holds the bag in place. Even comes with a few bags that fit.

  10. The Hilarious Wordsmith

    I just had to share my experience with this amazing trash can. Not only is it the perfect size for my kitchen (9.1”L×9.1”W×13”H), but it also makes throwing away my garbage so much more convenient. All I had to do was install 2 AA batteries, follow the steps to put on the garbage bag, and press and hold the button on the left side of the cover for 3 seconds to activate the device. It really is like magic, now all I have to do is wave my hand over the sensor and the lid opens up all by itself. I highly recommend this trash can to anyone looking to make their garbage disposal a little more efficient and a lot more fun!

  11. EGEG

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     I like that this is dainty enough for a small room but large enough for a trash bin. The great feature is the sensor which tunes on and off with a switch and can be kept open with another switch, if you need to. A little bit of work to insert a new trash bag but it’s overall a great product. Comes with a roll of bags.

  12. MRose

    Love it, works great

  13. LindseyLindsey

    We recently got a puppy so I wanted to replace our old bin with one that had a lid in hopes of solving a problem that hadn’t yet occurred! This is a great little barrel, it has a very accurate motion sensor but isn’t always popping open with the slightest movement either. The fact that it’s waterproof is major as we have a very narrow vanity & water always seems to end up everywhere but the sink.I love that you can’t see the edges of the bag, that’s a little detail you don’t realize you dislike until it’s staring you in the face. I threw a dirty diaper on there the other day & the liner prevented the bag from slipping off, plus virtually no smell escaped! Definitely recommend, especially for bathrooms! (Bags included is a nice detail too!)

  14. Amazon Customer

    Looks nice in my guest bath and is just the right size, not too small or too large.

  15. Coco

    This trash can is so cute! It has a soft, closing lid that makes almost no noise, the motion detection is super spot on, it was super easy to assemble, and looks great! It has a ton of room inside, and it’s also waterproof. It comes with bags that fit perfectly inside! It’s a great trash can.

  16. Travis

    I got tired of fighting with our girl to close the darn trash lid in the bathroom.I know what transpires once a month is natural, but no one wants to walk into a bathroom and see it on display.Picked this up and now it auto opens/closes.No more issues!

  17. B RexB Rex

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     This motion detection trash can is pretty impressive!I ordered this trash can eagerly, without really thinking through where I would put it. My bathrooms are on the smaller side, and work best with narrow, elongated trash cans (this one is square). So my initial thought once I unpacked it is that it just might not work for me. However, I proceeded with installing the trash bag and the batteries so that I could give it a try and see how it worked.I have to admit that I’m quite impressed with this can. The motion detection is VERY responsive, but never in an annoying way where it’s opening when you don’t want it to. It seems like when you get approximately a foot above it, the lid will pop open. Between the height of the can and needing to be within a foot of the sensor, the average adult will still have to partially bend down to throw something in this can.I love that the lid raises fast, so you aren’t waiting for it to slowly creep open while you stand there with trash in your hands. It then stays open for about 5 seconds and then automatically closes. What I really appreciate is that if you keep your hands above the sensor/trash can (like if you were trying to scrape something into the can and it might take longer than 5 seconds), the lid will stay open as long as you are hovering there. Once you step away, it’ll close after 5 seconds, just like normal.It is just a plastic can. I think they did a good job of making it look classy, especially from a distance, but if you touch or handle the can, it’ll become obvious pretty quickly that it’s plastic. That said, with the motion detection, there’s certainly no need for anyone to be touching the can unless replacing the trash bag. I’ll also mention that love the gold trim. I thought they did a beautiful job with that (see my closeup photo of the gold accent).The company also includes a small roll of trash bags. I thought this was a nice touch and appreciated having the right size bags to use right away. I have not yet tried other bag sizes and am wondering if I’ll need to purchase a special size for this can (a 13 gallon trash bag would be far too big, and I’m thinking a plastic grocery store bag might be a bit too small). If I need to purchase a special size bag solely for this can, that could be one downside.You do have to supply your own batteries, but it’s just two AA batteries, which most people have on hand. The batteries are nicely contained beneath the lid in a compartment with a rubber lid that fits into place.The brand name is printed on top of the lid. It would’ve been nice to have that in a less conspicuous area, especially when it’s printed in black on a bright, white lid, but it is what it is.The can is a nice size. It’s actually a big larger than what I use in the bathroom, but noticeably smaller than my kitchen trash can. I think it would work well in a bathroom or bedroom. If you are hoping to use it in the kitchen, I can only see it really working if you plan to dump your trash every day or two (and you would not be able to throw away large takeout containers or boxes).Most of the assembly is pretty self-explanatory, though it does come with some basic instructions. As far as installing the bag goes, there is a ring that you sort of wrap the top of the bag around before installation and it holds the bag in place, even if it starts getting weighed down by trash. I think the bag would have been easier to install had I not tried to decipher the directions, however. The directions consist of a few photos that seem to be showing two completely different actions regarding the plastic loop that sticks off from the ring.All in all, I think it’s a pretty nice can. It functions really well, and the only improvement I’d love to see is if it would pop open if you stepped right in front of it (where you would step if it had a foot pedal). However, the detection only works from above the sensor, which is on the top side of the can. Perhaps that was intentional though, as you certainly wouldn’t want it popping open every time someone walked by it if they were a foot away from it.Even though the can is nice quality, looks nice and is very responsive and convenient, I do think that $41.99 for a bathroom-sized can is a bit much. That said, I paid over $50 for a kitchen trash can over 10 years ago and I have not regretted it once. So if you are okay with shelling out $41.99 for this can, it’s nice enough that I don’t think you’ll have any regrets.

  18. De NixDe Nix

    I initially bought this to replace my simplehuman trash can in our powder room. The trash can doesn’t look as “expensive” as it does online. You can definitely tell that it’s plastic with a quick glance. It still isn’t a bad choice as long as you know what to expect.It’s easy to set up and the motion detection works well. I wished it had a rechargeable battery so that I wouldn’t have to discard so many used batteries but that was listed correctly in description.

  19. blueridgegirl

    This can is amazing! Who knew that the motion sensor technology could be used for something so essential? This is our new bathroom trash can. It replaces a smaller, rusting, dented stainless trash can with a foot pedal that fell off last week. You’ll need two AA batteries and that’s it. The can comes with a roll of trash liners to get you started. Nice neutral color and it really works – you walk up to it and the lid flips up! Love this. A huge upgrade from most bathroom trash cans.

  20. Paige

    I love how simple and modern this garbage can is. It looks great in our guest bathroom. I think it would be a little too small for our main bathroom.

  21. Stormy

    My family loves this trash can! Great size for bathroom, guest room, or office! Would highly recommend!

  22. Kristina_abcdefg

    There isn’t too much to say about this small trash can. It’s enough for my bedroom, but could never work for the entire household or to put in the kitchen. It’s cute, compact, has a lid ( a lid that automatically moves for you, since it’s suuuuch a painstaking task to do this manually!)I guess the only thing I would change: have a pedal you push to open the trashcan, just in case batteries are scarce or an individual just plain wishes to open and shut the trash can him or herself.

  23. GraceGrace

    This is a small and modern looking trash can probably best for a bathroom or a bedroom. It has a motion activated lid that’s battery powered. Definitely suggest using rechargeable batteries as I feel like these will probably go through batteries rather quickly. The trash can pretty much looks like the photos, it does look a little cheap and plasticy but the photos do it justice. There is a little plastic support ring on the inside so you’d never see the plastic bag which I love. I have to line all my trash cans with plastic bags and I feel like no matter how nice the trash can, if there’s a big ugly plastic bag inside it it ruins the look completely. It also comes with a roll of plastic bags!

  24. Kanyin

    This bathroom trash can with a motion-sensitive lid is simply amazing! It works flawlessly and is incredibly convenient to use. The lid opens quickly and quietly, so I don’t have to touch anything to dispose of my trash. The trash can itself is sleek and stylish, and it looks great in my bathroom. I also really appreciate the long-lasting battery – I’ve had this trash can for months and the battery is still going strong. The trash can is just the right size for a bathroom, and it’s easy to clean as well. Overall, I’m extremely happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this trash can to anyone looking for a functional and stylish addition to their bathroom. Five stars!

  25. ABrams

    This trash can works great for the few days we have had it. We need covered trash cans to keep the dogs out of the trash. And it is in a tight space so our old trash can was hard to open. This one makes throwing out the trash much easier and everything gets in the trash can, not on the floor around it.

  26. Amazon Customer

    Looks nice in my guest bath and is just the right size, not too small or too large.

  27. ABrams

    This trash can works great for the few days we have had it. We need covered trash cans to keep the dogs out of the trash. And it is in a tight space so our old trash can was hard to open. This one makes throwing out the trash much easier and everything gets in the trash can, not on the floor around it.

  28. PoolPlayer Dee

    The lid seems a little flimsy, but it works. A roll of bags was included also. It does work pretty slick though. It’s a good size for the bathroom. It also looks good there, as in it’s not out of place. It looks like a bathroom trashcan. It will help to hide certain products and may also keep the bathroom smelling fresher than a can with no lid.

  29. Hunter H.

    I thought it would be a little corny and not work but it works so so so well

  30. Wala Wala

    i have this trash can in my work space. the motion sensors are life saving as i deal with a lot of paperwork and the clutter adds up a lot and very quickly. the size of it is awesome as i dont have to change my trash can everyday now. it is not too bulky so its very friendly with the space that it occupies.

  31. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Being empty nesters, we didn’t need a large garbage can. We had been using an open waste basket but I wanted something that had a lid. This caught my eye and it is perfect for us. We really like the motion sensor and not having to lift up the lid. It’s also a nice enough waste basket to have out in the open, but we still wanted it out of sight under the sink. With the lid open, there is still an inch clearance between the top of the open lid and the sink. Exactly what we were looking for; the right dimensions, the right height, and perfect for a small household.

  32. RelateWithRachel

    Never thought I could say a trashcan is pretty but this one is! I got it for my hallway guest bathroom. I love that it has a closed lid so you don’t have to see trash. The automatic lid is nice as well so you don’t have to touch a germ filled trash can. And it just look nice and sleek. Love it.

  33. aguyincaaguyinca

    ● Design: 4/5 ○ Color/Aesthetic: 4/5 ■ I like the design overall – looks minimalistic. ■ I like how the lid and the body/bin look. The golden trim looks tacky IMO. ○ Size: 5/5 ■ Dimension: 9” L x 9” W x 13” H – this is a great size for bathroom, not toobig, not too small ■ If you calculate the volume from the dimension, it would be 4.5 gallons instead of 3.5 gallons. It’s because the bag ring only goes up to below the sensor/batteries part. This design hides the trash bag completely without adding another bin in the inside. ○ Material: 4/5 ■ The trash can is made of plastic. However, different parts have differentfinish/look: the lid looks shiny, the body/bin part and the trim look matte.● Performance: 5/5 ○ The motion sensor works great in both dim light and bright light: the light will turn green when the lid opens and then turn red to give you a heads up that it is closing (after a few seconds of being open). ○ The manual open/close button functions correctly. ○ Note: After putting in the batteries, if the trash can doesn’t function, you just need to press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.● Packaging: 4/5 ○ The trash can came in a cardboard box with a user manual and some custom fit garbage bags. I’m not sure if I have to buy these specific trash bags after I’m out or if I can use any trash bag with the same volume specification.● Overall: 4.5/5 ○ Great Motion Sensor Trash Can for Bathrooms. Recommend.

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