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SleekStore Under-Cabinet Can

(54 customer reviews)

Material: Plastic

Recommended Uses: Bathroom, Kitchen, Office

Shape: Rectangular

Dimensions: 10.5″L x 6″W x 11″H

Care & Use: Suitable for various small spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, campers, and RVs.


Versatile Installation: Comes with adhesive strips for mounting on flat, vertical surfaces and hooks for hanging on cabinet doors up to 1 inch thick.

Secure Fit: Four rubber flaps prevent garbage bags from slipping and keep them hidden for a neat appearance.

Convenient Drawstring: Easy-to-use drawstring design allows for quick and clean bag removal.

Compact and Spacious: Despite its compact size, this 1.8-gallon trash can fits most cabinet doors, saving space while offering ample capacity.

Smooth Operation: The rubber pull ring ensures the lid opens smoothly without getting stuck.

1.5-4 gal small eco bags – 18 rolls/180 bags
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54 reviews for SleekStore Under-Cabinet Can

  1. Amazon Customer

    Easy to assemble


    This trash bin comes with sturdy workmanship, easy install, and that blends in with my kitchen decor.I use to use the plastic bags from the grocery stores, I would wrap each side to the cupboard knob, not the best looking and was embarrassed if anyone went into the kitchen. Now, my new trash bin hangs from the cupboard where my plastic bag use to hang, fast and simple to install, no extra tools are needed.Price is excellent, packed exceptionally, great for anyplace you need a smaller trash bin. I would recommend this product.

  3. #gonetothedogs#gonetothedogs

    It’s just right to hang on the inside of the cabinet under my sink. It’s more convenient to put vegetable peelings and empty the sink strainer right there instead of dripping across the kitchen to the trash can.

  4. W. Richman

    I’m always a bit skeptical of “stick on” products, buy since it had the option of using screws I gave it a shot. It’s sticking like a champ to the inside of the kitchen cabinet door under the sink on our narrowboat. Keeps the odors in, and nice and sturdy.

  5. ManooManoo

    This bin came exactly like it was shown in the pictures. It can hang inside a cabinet door, or other similar places in the kitchen, which makes it really handy, with the only limitation of its size, which is reasonably big. It seems like a well-built bin, with sturdy materials. It comes with liners and is compatible with compostable bags, but I haven’t tried them yet.This is overall a great can for keeping your spaces clean. I highly recommend It.

  6. Planet

    Perfect for my small kitchen – use as my general rubbish. It’s great to push rubbish off counter into & the lid keeps any odors at bay. Lost 1 star only for the poor quality bin liners each 1 used tore when removing but now use Glad 45cm bags & no more problems. ✔️

  7. Noushin

    Easy to clean and good size

  8. W.J CabadaW.J Cabada

    I love it, its perfect for our small travel trailer so easy to install. Love that it has a lid that opens to the side. Comes with a few bags to get you started. overall a must for tight places.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Nothing to dislike does the job had it for over a week cut swipe in the bin not on surface or floor

  10. Sam

    It was the missing piece for my kitchen, my house trash is far away and this one is perfect to keep the kitchen clean while cooking. The plastic tabs make it easy to use even with regular plastic bags. It looks great even for a trash can.

  11. Lawicka

    Lid hasn’t been working properly since arrived. After two attempts felt apart. Very cheap plastic product. I do not recommend

  12. Elitegamer360

    It’s perfect for my needs its smaller than I expected but can be hidden inside the kitchen cabinet maninting the nice look of my kitchen. I wanted to give it 4 star for its lid because it doesn’t close securely as I wished but I still give it 5 stars for the convenience that it provides me.

  13. Esmeralda Esmeralda

    I love this hanging trash can. It comes so handy when your preparing meals. Plus it has a lid. Thats awesome. Great quality and value. So so easy to use that’s a plus for me

  14. Lisa Hobbs

    Best invention ever made!!!!!! I recommend it to anyone who has a kitchen cook who is messy and needs something like this close by

  15. C Grant

    Works great keeping wet trash in cooking area instead of carrying it to trash can. Stores easily under counter when not needed.

  16. Elena

    Is exactly what am I looking for…

  17. Asmaa


  18. Mark tee jay arzadon

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     easy to attached, very sturdy

  19. MAMarkle

    Really works well and it’s fits perfect in small space-

  20. ChelseaChelsea

    This is a great little trash can. I love the drawstring bag design. The bag is held securely in place by the two drawstring hooks on the sides and the 4 rubber flaps inside the bin. The lid slides down and back up very easily and keeps all bad smells locked up. Their are two ways to install this trash can, over the cabinet door or adhere to the wall. It’s very sturdy both ways. It comes with a roll of very nice quality trash bags.

  21. Elizabeth

    Using it as a compost bin currently under my cupboard. I absolutely love the sliding lid and it fits perfectly under there it’s a great size considering it’d have to be small enough to go under the cupboard door.

  22. K. L. Allred

    I have a very small bathroom with not a lot of space. I decided to try this as it looks very good. Attached to the wall right by the sink and could not be happier. Neat, clean, and right where I need it.

  23. Vine Yard

    I bought this for left over food because I don’t wanna keep using the garbage disposal since we had to pay $$$ when it clogged this spring so as much as possible, we’re trying to put everything that we can in the trash and I wnna have a separate container for left over food. Husband saw it and took it and put it in his car, the only thing that he would use despite many recommendations I have made. So yeah. He loves it, it’s still used as a trash can, just not where I intended it to be. It’s sturdy, can fit the bag from produce department of grocery so you don’t have to keep buying the garbage bag. We have to tweak it a bit to make it work on his car but finally, there’s trash can there. We use his car with the kids so it’s essential to have a garbage can there. I am highly recommending this for whatever purpose you wanna use this. Also the lif stays in place so that’s a bonus. I may actually get one for my car to replace the collapsible trash bag I have.

  24. Steve GarfieldSteve Garfield

    This is a nicely designed trashcan and supporting bracket to hang on a kitchen cabinet door. It works well, and I appreciated the trash bags that were included.This easily hangs on the outside of the kitchen cabinet door.In my case, with the hang-over hook, the trashcan was too high up to mount it on the inside of the door. The trashcan hit the bottom of the sink and would not allow the door to close.The included adhesive bracket will allow me to hang the trashcan lower, underneath the bottom of the sink, allowing the cabinet door to close.

  25. Shirley M.

    Dislike want stay in place with the sticky holder.Holds cabinet door open a little with hanging rack

  26. audrey m papalia

    Love this for a compact trash can

  27. momomom

    modern and clean! I’ve tried other hanging trash cans and this is my favorite 🙂

  28. Nicki

    Very sturdy bin, practical very pleased

  29. ingrid bencosmeingrid bencosme

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     I like that it as a cover notthing can get in. I bought the small one i give it a thumbs up 👍

  30. Renee Lynn

    It’s perfect! Living full-time in an RV, means getting creative within a small space. Our bathroom, for instance, while bigger than our previous RV, is much small than your typical bathroom in a house. There’s no place for a trashcan to sit on the floor. Our only option was finding one that could fit inside the bathroom vanity cabinet (which is also super limited on space, due to the water heater taking up 90% of the space under there). This trash can was perfect!You have the option of hanging it on the door itself, or mounting it on the place of your choosing, with the included sticky hook. I’m so glad it has both options. If it were only the first option, this wouldn’t have worked for us. The lid was just too close to the top of the vanity opening. If I were to have closed it, I never would have gotten the door back open. It was just a hair too tight of a fit. The sticky hook though, was perfect. It allowed me to install the trash can just a tad lower. Now, we can open and close the door as intended.I was pleasantly surprised to see they included trash bags! I wasn’t expecting that at all. Nice touch! You have everything you need to use it, right out of the box.I’d definitely recommend this for anyone living in a small space. It’s a great value, it’s well made and comes with everything you need.

  31. The shopping mermaid

    Everyone who has either been a woman or shared a bathroom with one knows that certain items shouldn’t be thrown in an open top trash can. Public restrooms have a separate little trash can for female items. They’re not big because they get emptied more regularly than a normal bathroom trashcan. That’s why this is perfect. It’s covered with an attached lid. You don’t feel like you’re wasting a trash bag by emptying it while partially full. It attaches at height better suited for such items. I’ve tried the touch free kind but was frustrated by the delay in opening. This lid slides back smoothly and you don’t have to wave your hand all around. It’s very sturdy and an easy to clean material. It would also be great for using during cooking for eggshells or food packaging that you want to throw away sooner than you would empty a full size can. Plus, it’s an affordable price.Thank you for reading, I hope you found this helpful.

  32. Akosua Benhene

    This trash can is just what I needed! I would previously use a plastic bag whenever I was cooking because I like to clean up as I go but I needed something more than that and then I found this perfect little trash can that hangs over the counter and is also moveable. It came at the perfect time and it’s the absolute best. I love it and I would absolutely recommend it. At the end of the day, I just take out the trash and put it in the big trash; that way, the big trash is mess-free and less stinking. It is just as it looks in photos and described.

  33. donald rockwood

    Hung this from the top of one of my lower kitchen cabinets. It is easy to drop items into it that we want to put into our compost container in our back yard. It amazes me because it does not smell nor draw flies, etc. It was a good buy for us.

  34. Sayma

    Pros: sturdy, easy to slide off the top but locks well into place to keep the smell inside the container. Not too small, but compact enough for a smaller-sized apartment kitchen. Comes with anchors for hanging off your cupboard in case your cupboard/drawers are too thin.Cons: hard to take out the inner layer, no-leak layer so you end up just taking out the whole bag. Would have benefitted from a section that holds/stores even a minimal amount of replacement bags

  35. M. Diaz

    I needed something small to hold my garbage using regular grocery bags. I don’t produce much waste because I recycle and compost, and it is now a one person household.This product gives you the option to hang it in the provided hooks, inside or outside the cabinet door, with a visible thing or clear plastic hooks that stick and make it look like it’s floating (which is what I wanted). It is quite attractive to look at, sturdy, and has a nice lid, so no smells. Very practical. I’d buy again.

  36. Amazon Customer

    Dog proof 😆, nice looking and so handy.

  37. Miss HeatherMiss Heather

    I love this little trash can and my kitchen it is just what I needed to control crumbs on my counter especially when you’re cutting things now everything is as simple as wiping it into the trash it holds up very well and it has remained in place since I received it. It was very easy to install it does not require any screws or adhesion it will hang right on the cabinet door or drawer. I recommend this specially to keep counters nice and clean.

  38. VJSVJS

    This is amazing! What a brilliant, brilliant idea. I’m super happy to have this, and in fact, I’m slightly angry I didn’t know it existed before, lol. You can pretty much clamp this little garbage pail onto anything that has a lip or a door (under the sink, etc.) I can move this from my kitchen cabinets to the living room coffee table, which is incredibly convenient and now always guarantees me an easy cleanup. The lid is interesting — it slides open forward instead of backward, which is perfect in the kitchen if you have this up against the countertop. If you have it hanging elsewhere, it can take a little bit of getting used to. My favorite thing is that it has little clips inside that hold onto the garbage bag inside so you don’t have a bunch of plastic bubbling over or need to tuck it in / knot it on the side. Makes for a much sleeker, neater look, which I am a huge fan of.

  39. Natasha

    I love this container, I live in an apartment, so I use it for garbage. It is neat looking and very easy to use. It beats a garbage bag hanging off the cupboard door! Very Happy with this purchase.

  40. Akter Tahmina

    Wow and wow I really like it’s

  41. C. HeistenC. Heisten

    I didn’t NEED a trash can…I had a plastic coffee container that I…ok, I struggled with.What a great decision it was to get this item!I love that it has little rubbery flaps that help hold the trash bag in place. Nothing more irritating than dumping a bunch of tiny paper scraps to have them miss the bag and go all over the place…like with the old can. This little guy solves this problem!I love that it has a cover. I just do, and the cover doesn’t fall off or go anywhere…it just slides over the edge of the can and stays put.I love that it has a choice of an adhesive mounting plate, or hanging tab to put it where I need it. It will clip right off either one, but is secure when placed on the mounting tabs. It won’t fall over.Right now I hung it over a bar on a craft cart and it’s right where I need it without being underfoot or in the way on the workbench, or where I can’t get at it. Placement choice is very versatile. I can grab it off the bar and bring it easily to the workbench if I want to scraps some scraps into it, or just toss them in from where I am working, but won’t miss the mark like I did with that old can.I love that it’s a sort of soft plastic…I don’t think it’s going to break easily and it’s quiet against the cart.I had no idea I would love a trash can. Seriously.Today I did a fair amount of die cutting…and that produces many wee-tiny paper scrappy bits that tend to go all over the place. The shape of this can made it so easy to scrape them into it. The fact that it was up off the floor where I could get at it made such a great difference.I enjoyed doing these die cuts so much more just because I didn’t have that struggle to get the scrap into that old can.I now consider this a tool, just as important as a good knife or my cutting machine. I didn’t think that way before, but now I see how simple little things like this trash bin can make a project so much more fun and keep the mess contained.This product is well designed and extremely versatile. I love it.

  42. teeinepteeinep

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     The container includes a roll of bags, but the container can accommodate almost any bag. The bag is secured using rubber tabs; the rubber material is what prevents the plastic from sliding out. Excellent capacity; not too little that it will fill with eggshells, and not too big that the trash will start smelling. The lid is easy to operate. Nice looking, good quality.

  43. Lorena m.

    Súper práctica, yo la colgué en la puerta a lado de la tarja, la recominedo

  44. AMK

    I like how it easily clips onto my cabinet. The bad they come with are not durable, so have to have some sturdy ones that fit the basket. Grocery bags do for now.

  45. GrKe

    Works well as a very small trash can (slits to hold the drawstrings of trash bags are great), but make sure the tiny size will work for you.

  46. Road Warrior

    This nicely designed, good looking hanging trash can has solved a long-time problem for our family. When preparing meals in the kitchen, we used to fight about who got the space directly above the trash can. Everyone else had to deal with running back and forth from the trash can. Now, there are two excellent spots for preparing foods without the “runaround” involved with disposing of garbage. (I know, I know – first world problems… 🙂 )This trash can can be hung two different ways – it can be wall mounted or hung over a cupboard door. (When hanging it on a cupboard door, it in no way inteferes with acess to the cupboard.) We hung it over a cupboard door and now make good use of a space on the counter that used to go unused because it was judged to be too far from the trash can. This is a really easy, simple and inexpensive way to solve our “only one trash can in the kitchen” problem.The unit itself is well made and nicely designed. It is large enough that you can get enough garbage in it without having to empty the plastic bag too frequently. But not so large that it is an eyesore in an otherwise attractive kitchen or so big it gets in the way.The plastic garbage bags provided with the trash stay inside really well and don’t fall down or slide down when you use it. The lid also opens and closes very easily and smoothly. Even better, the lid is out of the way while the trash can is in use. It is also very easy to clean – no nooks and crannies for dirt to collect in. We highly recommend this portable hanging trash can.

  47. HowardHoward

    A good trashcan for my needs. Its size is just what I was looking for—I wanted it to be small enough that it won’t take up too much space at the side of my desk, but big enough to toss in wrappers or paper bits with ease. It comes with a roll of trashbags.The drawstrings fit easily into the slots on the trashcan; simple to use. No need to get my hands dirty when hauling the bag out, just pull the strings and go.The only thing I don’t like is that the lid doesn’t move smoothly, and is very wobbly when you try to slide it off the top and down to the back. I’ll just keep the lid down so I don’t have to hassle with sliding it open or closed every time I use it.

  48. Deb Fontenot

    Handy, fits behind cabinet door, easy to change out bag

  49. Ed OsworthEd Osworth

    I own quite a few of this style of trash can as I have them not only in my kitchen but also in my office area and bedroom. This particular one is the nicest one I have come across yet.As soon as I opened it up I could see the construction was very tough compared to the other ones I have.But what really separates this is that the top of the unit is permanently attached to the unit and slides off to the side. On my other ones. The top comes off and hangs on the edge which is not nearly as nice.This came with bags which is always a nice thing and actually has a larger capacity than my other ones.The way the bag attaches to the inside of this unit is also much different than the others. There are actually four clips on the inside as well as two areas on the edges of the can to pull the twist ties through.An excellent design for sure.The other difference is that where my other ones can only be held on a cabinet door or drawer or something of that nature. This one comes with two separate mounting scenarios.One is that you can do it the way the other ones do and hang it up on a drawer or cupboard. The other way is you can pretty much mount it anywhere you like because they give you a sticky mounting bracket that the can mounts to.So if you’re buying one of these, check the features carefully. As far as how much does it hold, what size bag will it use, and can it be used most anywhere? .Because out of all of these that I have seen and own, this is the only one that comes with a separate mount that allows you to put it anywhere you like

  50. Precious

    easy to use hanging trash can with trash bags included

  51. VioAnneVioAnne

    I got this in response to a recent composting initiative adopted by our apartment building. Perfect size and hangs well over the cupboard door with no installation required. The bin came with complementary bin liners … I must order some more … easy to clean and almost makes composting a pleasure

  52. Tamara Manweiler

    2nd purchase of similar composter. This one has a sturdy lid that doesn’t fall off. A little worried about cleaning since there are so many grooves in lid that can hold food particles.

  53. DWalesDWales

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     5 ***** awesomeness! Yes, I love this solution to counter trash cleanup needs. Recommended.My hubby had a bad habit of hanging a grocery store bag from the cabinet handles when chopping and slicing food. I hated it as inevitably, he’d get something on my cabinet fronts. Yuck. This can solves that problem and is easy to use, to clean, and to move out of the way.Installation was easy. You can either hang it over the cabinet door or mount directly to a wall, etc with peel/stick hardware. I chose over the cabinet door so that I could move it easily.They give you starter bags and I’ve added a quick video showing the can in use and putting a bag in. I did not video this tip, but if you twist the garbage bag handles again, they tuck neatly inside the can vs sticking out.Highly recommended. A gadget I am happy to own.

  54. funmifunmi

    I live in a condo and I have to manage my space. So I attached the bin to my baby’s table changer. I like the cuteness of the bin.

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