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8L sensor can

Product Information
Capacity 2 Gallons
Color White
Opening Mechanism Motion-Sensor
Material Plastic
Room Type Bathroom,Bathrooms,Bedroom,Living Room,Office
Special Feature Waterproof, Sensor, Automatic
Shape Oval
Product Dimensions 10.2″L x 5.5″W x 10.2″H




  • 【IMPORTANT NOTICE】Before using this automatic trash can, please install batteries [This product is powered by 2 AA batteries (not included)]. You can wave your hand or bend your knee to open the lid.
  • 【AUTOMATIC LID】Our trash cans use advanced infrared motion sensing technology to allow you to open and close the lid without touching the trash can.The sensor picks up when you are near the automatic trash can, then opens the lid, waits about 5 seconds, and finally closes the lid.The lid also can be manually controlled, when the batteries are not working.
  • 【SLIM DESIGN】10.2”L×5.5”W×10.2”H.The 2-gallon trash can with 5.5-inch wide oval design makes it more suitable for some limited spaces to meet your daily use.Put this trash can next to the toilet and you’ll have a much easier time disposing of your privacy waste. Perfect companion for bathrooms, living-rooms, offices, toilets, campers, RVs and other narrow spaces. Regular trash bags from the supermarket can be used in the trash can, and it’ll be fine with a 4-gallon bag, no custom bags needed.
  • 【SAFE FROM SPLASHES】Smart bathroom trash cans with IPX5 waterproof technology are made of high quality materials and advanced design to ensure proper use of the trash can in the bathroom. Prevents damage to the unit from water or wet conditions.
  • 【NOISE REDUCTION】The smart trash can is equipped with a damper to ensure that the lid opens and closes slowly, which is good for reducing noise and allowing you to use it at night without worrying.
  • 【EASY TO CLEAN】The trash can has a smooth surface and is easy to clean.Dirt on the surface of the trash can be easily removed with just a rag. This trash can has a very strong seal,so as long as you close the lid it will be a good barrier to bad smells.

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